How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook

Facebook is the third largest virtual country in the world, and if one targets well on Facebook, they can easily get a great deal of business from there. Here we list some basic techniques that would help you get more organic traffic:


Tagging is the basic thing that you can do. If you tag many people, you can simply add them to your circle. You can add up to 50 people or pages in it, what’s more, is that even if a single one likes it, everyone in their newsfeed will be able to see that they have liked your post, and if they share, it will be visible to all their contacts as well.

Sharing Is Caring:

Sharing is an extremely important thing on Facebook because it is something which would directly increase the reach of your content. What you can do is, ask more people of the same fraternity to share your content, if you can’t find them and feel that the content that you are sharing on your page is a very important piece of information, share it on your personal account too, and get the help of your friends by practically asking them to share the content for you. And make sure that the shares done in the first hour of the content being posted are the most crucial ones.

Joining Groups and Promoting Content: 

Joining groups of your niche in order to promote your content is something that you can do. But what you also need to be aware of is that your posts shouldn’t look promotional, or just be a URL link because if it is so then you will be considered a spammer. So make sure that you add some text to the URL that you want to promote. It would also make the [post more interactive and likely to get more shares.

Asking Questions:

Ask questions in order to increase engagement. Ask them for their opinions, even if you don’t actually need an answer to them. People want to voice their opinions and if you can provide them with a platform where they can do so it will be great, not just for them but even for your brand too, as it would look more engaging. More engaging ways to ask questions is using the fill in the blanks question. Say you can ask, my favourite social media platform is ____. And give options such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This would make it easier for people to think and hence they would be more interested to answer the questions. Also, make sure that your questions are in the form of infographics as they attract more people to them.

Video and Live Streaming:

It is a known fact that videos perform better than text on social media platforms. Going Live and posting videos can increase the reach of your posts tenfold and help you increase your organic reach. What is even better is that video content that you post on Facebook, does not need to be of an extremely high quality. People just want authentic content with good information. If you provide them with it, that is all you need. If you are going in for a live streaming video, you need to make sure that you promote it across all your other social media handles so as to get the maximum participation.

News Jacking:

News jacking can help you greatly in a way that you can’t even imagine. Newsjacking basically means talking about the topics flooding people’s newsfeed in a way that they connect to your niche. You can find out about these topics on the right side of your Facebook, in the most talked about “Trending” section. In this way, you will be able to capitalize on the news.

This is just a glimpse into the world of Facebook. To know more about any field of Digital Marketing, enrol at Digital Technology Institute, New Delhi.