How To Earn Money As A Writer?

A quick search online for ways to make money online will show you that freelance writing is one of the most suggested ways to make money from the internet. Even though penning down thousands of unique sentences on a daily basis does not seem like an easy task, there are many people who make their professional living by working as a writer. If you too are interested to earn money as a writer, then today we bring you some high yielding ways to earn money as a writer.

How to Improve Credibility As A Writer?

Before we show you different ways to earn money as a writer, it is really important to talk about your credibility as a writer. Because, if you are new into freelance writing, then finding writing gigs will be difficult as most of the clients won’t be interested in hiring a newbie, and even if they do, the pay will be very low for your effort. Therefore, it is important to improve your credibility as a writer to get high-paying offers and reputable clients.

If you are interested to know about ways to improve your credibility and reputation as a writer, then below are some steps that you can follow.

  1. Start Your Own Blog: Starting your own blog is the best way to showcase your writing potential and skill. You can blog about something of which you have professional knowledge or just something that you are passionate about. You can also market yourself as a freelance writer from within your blog to improve your chance of getting gigs.
  2. Network With Fellow Writers: Networking with other fellow writers is the best way to promote each other’s work. Moreover, networking also opens up the potential of finding new clients.
  3. Ask Your Clients To Provide Testimonials: There can be nothing more satisfying for your potential clients than hearing from people who have already availed your service. Ask for your clients to provide testimonials about your work and try to include them maybe in your blog or your social media page so that others can easily find them.

How to Earn Money As A Writer?

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a professional in content writing, below are the top 3 ways to earn as a writer.

Custom Writing

Custom Writing is exactly what it sounds like and is one of the best ways to start earning as a writer. As a custom writer, you will have to write content meeting the exact requirements as specified by your client. Custom writing mostly involves academic-related work like essay writing, research paper writing and so on. As your work will directly affect the academic performance of your client, great level of research and quality is to be put onto your work.

Paid Guest Posting

There are many websites out there that allow writers to submit their posts to the website and if their content is selected, then they will get paid for their submission. Well, if you are a writer then you just can’t blindly go and submit some random article and expect to get paid. Most of such websites that pay guest writers will have very specific requirements and will thoroughly go through an article before accepting it.

Also, never pick websites that claim to pay for guest posting in random and write for them. Do make sure to research a bit about the authenticity of the website that you are about to write for, before submitting your work.


Ghostwriting is another type of content writing where your work is published in the name of someone else. Most of the times a ghostwriter is given with tasks of writing website content, journals, speeches etc., to which the original writer is not given credits for.

Even though some do not prefer ghostwriting as they are not credited for the work, many consider this as an opportunity to charge more for their work. One benefit of ghostwriting is that it allows writers to experiment niches out of their regular boundary without having to worry about how the work will affect their reputation as a writer.

Final Words

There is always a huge demand for freelance writers out there for various tasks. If you are confident in your writing skill then you can easily find writing jobs and make an impressive earning out of it. We hope that the above article helped you in understanding how to earn money as a writer. If you liked this article, then do share it through your social media profiles.