How to Distinguish Quality LED Light Bars

There is a lot of LED products(LED Light) circulating the online market and physical stores. As they are many you tend to forget how to distinguish what a quality product is and it’s okay if it slipped out on your mind. But in this article, you will have a greater understanding of what to look for in your next purchase. Check out more information about it in this website.

In buying LED light bar you should know where it is manufactured. Why? Because there are brands that sell their products online at such affordable prices with doubting features. For example, Chinese manufacturers try to sell their products at a lower price to have a bunch of customers but most of it does not live up to what an LED light bar is. So be very careful and try to research more read the given qualities until you make up your mind.

Qualities of a Good LED Bars

The LENS Used

Yes, it is very important to know what lens they used before buying it. Polycarbonate Lens is the quality material that will give you the right amount of light you need in driving. If you get to buy a certain product like LED Light Bar with no PC Lens then it is expected that your light transmission from the bulb to the lens is not enough. Also, a quality lens is protected from scratching and resists the possibility of wearing does making it more durable.

Housing or Frame Material

If you think that you should choose wisely in the lens used, you better think about housing material more carefully. The disadvantage of having exterior lighting is that they are prone to harsh environments and they don’t usually last long. But when you buy the LED bars you make sure that they used aluminum, not an ordinary one preferably the 6063 aluminum type. In most cases, manufacturers use 6061 as they are convenient to find but if you want something more durable and can assure you a good quality make sure you get the recommended ones with 6063 aluminum.

IP Rating (Ideally either IP68 and above)

Manufacturers have different opinions on what truly the right IP rating should be, it depends on what they use to have or country they live in. Most experts say otherwise there are standards when it comes to ratings, and the good choice to always make is to have an IP68 and above rating. Although the only higher rating than it is IP69 it is always better to have a higher number. The number 6 is for dirt resistance and 8 for water resistance. Ingress Protection is always important regardless of what situation you are in.

Warranty Period

You might not consider this at first but buying a product with a long warranty period means they are willing to give you enough time and aid you if you ever need it. Some stores don’t prioritize this factor but customers trust companies more if you have a longer warranty period. Why? It is not because they have doubts about their products but because they give importance to your experience. You should be mindful of the warranty period between the quality and low-quality products.

The Most Common Type Of LED Light Bars

Off-Road LED Light Bar

Lightbars are used especially on off roads and huge tracks, from rescue to utility vehicles. They serve a great purpose when it comes to this kind of situation, though this it provides enough light to see the road clearly to serve and help others. What is also good about it is that it can last longer which means they can effectively use it. Check out for top recommendations.

Mini LED Light Bar

There are many examples where you can use this type of light bars. It is beneficial to police cars, firefighters even in tow trucks because of versatility and easy to use. Illuminating your way made easy.

Full Size LED Light Bars

It gives you enough powerful light that you need, it is recommended to drivers who intend to use it frequently. There are strong bulb watts with variations of beam patterns and colors to choose from. If you ever need intense lighting this type will surely help you.