How to Clean Your Oculus Rift Padding

Oculus Rift continues to be one of the top headsets in the VR world. It’s affordable, comfortable, and provides an impressive gaming experience. Additional gadgets such as sensors and extension cables will make this experience even better. However, one major downside with this headset is its padding and many people just can’t figure this out. This article will guide you on how to clean your Oculus Rift padding and keep it safe for you and other users.

Steps Involved in Cleaning Your Oculus Rift Padding

Oculus Rift design seems impeccable and the design team did everything possible to reduce the discomforts that are usually associated with VR headsets. Its variety of games, soft padding, and controllers with awesome accuracy make it a preferred choice for many.

Yet, one thing ruins everything – foam padding susceptible to sweat absorption and smell. If you sweat a lot, you may soon find this padding unflattering. Perspiration soon influences the growth of bacteria which can affect your health or that of other users who share the headset with you. The worst part is that it gets unexciting when you play games which require a lot of movement.

At such points, two things can happen. It’s either you abandon your Oculus Rift headset or find out how to clean the Oculus Rift padding. And since your health is as important as entertainment and relaxation, cleaning is the better option.

Hence, let’s discuss that.

  • Begin by Wiping with Non-abrasive Wipes

According to the manufacturers, the ideal method for cleaning your Oculus Rift padding is using non-abrasive anti-bacterial wipes. Do you know those baby wipes or makeup removal wipes? Try one of them – wet as they are. Wipe the foam gently until you feel convinced that all the sweat it out.

But since there’s really no way to check this, rest assured that the stench left by the sweat would have been removed by the wipes. Avoid cleaning with alcohol or any abrasive formulas.

  • Wash Gently with Anti-bacterial Soap

If you doubt that the foam padding is clean enough, opt for washing. Apparently, the padding in the Oculus Rift absorbs a lot of sweat while you’re running around your room connected to the headset with extension cables. Hence, another effective method is to remove the padding and wash it with anti-bacterial soap. Ensure that it’s properly dry before you restore it or play a game.

This way, you prevent further occurrences of bacteria growth. Furthermore, make such washing as infrequent as possible. Why? Frequent washing may affect the proper functioning of the VR headset. And of what use is a headset that can’t create the VR moment that you crave?

Other tips that count when you want to clean your Oculus Rift padding include removing makeup before wearing headset, wiping face dry before playing, and buying a headband or headset cover.

People who sweat regularly have found this padding problem as major because, in their case, the foam gets super soaked and stinky. And it’s indisputable that games easily can turn you from cool to dripping hot.

So, instead of bothering about sweat while playing, try any of the methods above or just add a washable cover to your head-screen. This way, you can keep your Oculus Rift padding clean and your health secure.