How to apply for Permanent Residency in Australia?

Australia is one such beautiful country that anyone would feel amorous to visit this place. Better, to live here permanently. It is the topmost priority of any student or a citizen to get admission in an Australian University or get a citizenship to live here, respectively. With all the beauty of nature and a place to live peacefully, no country could be better than Australia. A rich variety of culture, religion, good economy and ever so vast job opportunities.

The Permanent Residency Australia is a privilege to those people who want to live and work in this beautiful country. As it is a very advanced country and everyone wants to migrate to Australia, PR Visa for the same is important. Indians are considered highly educated and skilled, thus having a lot of benefits if they choose to migrate here.

The Australia PR Visa requirement for Indian Citizens are –

  • Provide your IELTS score
  • Occupation should be listed in the appropriate skilled list (SOL)
  • Appropriate skills and experience for the job applied
  • Required to meet the health and character criteria
  • No criminal record
  • Under the age of 50 years

Ways to apply for Australia PR Visa

  1. Skilled Independent Visa – Does not require any nomination from the state.
  2. State Nominated Visa – Requires nomination from the state or government agencies in Australia.
  3. Employee Nomination Scheme: The Employer-sponsored permanent Visa, first have to acquire a job offer from Australia
  4. Spouse and Partner Visa – Requires the sponsorship of spouse.

If you satisfy all Australia PR Visa requirement for Indian citizens, you can enjoy many benefits like living there for as long as you live.

Other benefits of Permanent Residency Australia can be –

  • Allowed to leave and enter Australia frequently within the initial period of 5 years. (Can be renewed later)
  • Once you have settled, you can even sponsor your relatives to migrate them to Australia, subjecting them to fulfil the very important residence criteria.
  • The Australian PR status is something every candidate eyes for and it provides one with the right to apply for its consular assistance overseas.
  • The young ones who are born in Australia during your stay are considered as Australian by nationality.
  • The basic facilities are accessible to you in the cases of health services and subsidized public services.

Applying for the Australia PR Visa:

The Skill-Select is the main platform accessible online for everyone wherein the candidates’ requests are registered and received the Visa in Australia. Your profile will be given a definite point score. 60 score points are the minimum requirement to qualify for Permanent residency Australia.

The India students and citizens applying for Visa are considered as the most skilful and energetic youth. They are always found investing themselves in finding ways to improvise through studying in abroad and getting jobs there.

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