How Private Equity Certifications Can Help You Surge Ahead In Your Career?

As the Private Equity Industry is rising by almost 15-20 percent every year, are you planning to become a private equity professional? And are you prepared to step out and make that difference in the industry both with your qualifications and enthusiasm to succeed? Did I miss something important here? You bet I did. Certifications in Private Equity. If you are planning a career in private equity then apart from education and experience, a professional certification from a reputed institute will boost your career growth and will also put you ahead of your peers.

Career in Private Equity

So you are planning a career in Private Equity and have been preparing for it by getting the right education but do you know there is more than education that will help you make a successful private equity professional. While education matters most with every profession, there are other soft skills as well that make lots of difference. So what are those skills apart from certification of course that will set you apart from your peers? Skills like being with people – working with them in close tandem, performing heavy research, analyzing and presenting the data and of course managing finances. While there are no predefined stages to enter into a private equity firm but let’s read on what top equity wants in their candidates both at the entry level and at the managerial level.

What Are Top Private Equity Firms Looking For In Prospective Candidates?

Considering that Private Equity Firms are smaller in size as compared to investment banks there are predefined jobs for each and every person right from the managerial level to the entry level. The entry-level jobs in Private Equity will be either of an Analyst or an Associate – depending on your qualification and experience. Hence an experience of a couple of years or more as an investment banker or even as a management consultant will make it slightly easy for you to get into private equity industry.

As Private Equity firm deals with different vectors of finances, it is important to match your skillset with the firm before you apply for the job. Also, apart from education and experience if you want to surge ahead in your career you need certifications in private equity. Certifications will help you stay ahead in your career. So how do you get a private equity certification?

Private Equity Certifications

While there are numerous reputed institutes offering private equity certifications, there is one such reputed institute that is reliable and your time and money worthy – United States Private Equity Certifications or USPEC. USPEC offers two certifications in private equity namely – Certified Private Equity Associate or CPEA, Senior Certified Private Equity Associate or SCPEA. While CPEA is for undergrads and grads who are seeking to start their career in private equity, SCPEA is for professionals who have been working in investment banking, and other financial sectors and want to augment their careers in the field.