How Does Google Ads Call Tracking Boost Your PPC Campaign?

Google Ads call tracking is a form of conversion tracking that tells you how many prospective customers call your company after seeing or clicking one of your PPC placements.

This 2-minute read blog will explain how Google ads tracking boost your PPC campaign.

How Does Tracking Work For Google Ads Call?

Google Ads call tracking has two main functions:

  • Tracking calls made to a Google forwarding number shown in an advertisement for the call extension.
  • Tracking calls by adding a variable number on your page, where a special tracking number is switched in for each guest to the website.

Google Ads Call Monitoring By Virtual Call Tracking

While many paid ads guide website traffic, Google Ads also provides a mobile-friendly feature called Click to Call (CTC) which dials the telephone number of a company once the ad is clicked on.

Call extensions can be used to cause CTC either through standard search ads or through call-only ads (which is also a great way to boost your business’ call volume). Just like standard PPC campaigns, the Google Ads and Analytics interface tracks CTC, so you can see in real-time which of your placements drives the most phone calls.

That functionality also helps you to calculate a conversion according to the duration of your phone call, which adds a lot of precision and granular power.

Salient Features Of Google Ads Call Tracking

Identify Adwords, Bing, Yahoo, And Facebook Calls

When a guest has come through your PPC program (Adwords, Bing, Yahoo or Facebook), dynamic phone numbers will change your daily website phone number.

The latest technology tracks the recording of the telephone call, time stamps the telephone call, detects the telephone number of visitors and the details of the Adwords program they move on. Then it moves all this data into your Adwords or analytics account and reports as a conversion.

Benefits Of Google Ads Call Tracking Software

Monitor Your Sales Team

AdWords call tracking records all the calls from your PPC campaign. This helps you to track calls and find areas that need to be changed by the sales team to close further transactions.

Optimize Your PPC Campaign

When you can look at your PPC data and see exactly what calls and sales ads have been produced and which ones have not been produced, it enables you to dig in and optimize your campaign. You will increase the budget and achieve rapid growth by finding advertising and keywords that offer a good ROI.

Measurable Results

You can track all of the digital converts via standard PPC, but when you introduce call monitoring, it allows you to track all of the offline conversions.

When you run a pay-per-click program, consider using call monitoring to increase your initiative. If you want to know more about the fully managed AdWords management at Virtual Call Tracking, then contact them today for a free consultation.