How Bulk Messaging Help Travel and Tourism Companies

How Bulk Messaging Help Travel and Tourism Companies

Travel and tourism sector is rapidly growing. To achieve success, communication is the key in this industry. As the industry is rising, communication too needs to be fast paced. Bookings, confirmations, delay, cancellations, travel inquiries all need to be done quickly. Imagine you have some reservation, but because of bad weather the pick – up is delayed. Won’t it affect your business, if your customers are not informed? Of course, it will! So how can you connect with your clients?

Let’s understand it here!

Bulk SMS service is the best method for active and fast communication. What it is? Well, bulk messaging is a service that is used by companies to send SMS messages to a vast number of recipients. Read on to understand its advantages.


Travel and tourism sector consists of lots of marketing. If you compare marketing via television or print media with business SMS solutions, then the latter is the best cost-effective solution. A little investment can make you quickly reach thousands of customers in a fraction of seconds.

As people are always available with their phones, so chances are more of your message being read. Moreover, your messages are also not lost like emails that sometimes go unnoticed when it reaches the spam folder.

Your customers stay informed about the latest offers or services, and this helps in boosting the business.

Increase Productivity and Gains Loyalty

Creating a message with 160 characters doesn’t require any technical knowledge. It is a far easier and simpler process that saves your time and makes communication faster. This also helps you focus more on other complex tasks. When you send personalized service messages to customers, along with providing information, it also helps in gaining the loyalty of the customer. Your client feels valued when your message lets them feel that your company is interested in them.

Real-time Alerts

You can send real-time alerts to your customers about booking confirmation, bad weather, delayed flights, and missed service to your customers. When a customer receives these real-time messages, they applaud your services as you show your concern towards them. For example, during bad weather, if they are informed before initiating their travel, they can make necessary arrangements with them. This makes their travel hindrance free.

When a person receives confirmation messages of booking, it relieves their stress. Now they can plan their trip freely without bothering about travel or hotel booking. This helps in creating reliability among customers, which in turn is going to prove beneficial for your business.

Post-Booking Alerts

You can greet your clients post booking, and these alerts are also helpful in staying in touch with your past or existing clients. Promoting your products or cross-selling is easier with bulk SMS. You can also remind your clients about their upcoming travel booking.

SMS Feedback

SMS service also helps in improving your business. You can send feedback rating message to your customer so that you can view how much they liked your service. This way, you can make additions or alterations in your business style to make customers more satisfied. By doing so, you are again benefiting your business.

Whether you run a travel company or organize tours, you need to stay connected with your customers. Even a small loophole can hamper the business to a greater extent. Use the bulk messaging service for increasing customer engagement and let your travel and tourism company reach new heights.