Health Benefits From Air Conditioners

When it was winter, you shivered. And came summer, you break into a profuse sweat. Strange are the ways of life and Mother Nature. When summer and the sun’s rays become too hot to handle, there are times you wonder if the survival is worth without air conditioners. Old as well poor maintained AC units can lead to many unhealthy conditions and respiratory diseases. Barely three decades ago, air conditioning was considered a luxury. Not any more. You cannot escape from air conditioners at present. It is found everywhere, in offices, rentable cars, movie theaters etc. Now, you can see these appliances even in Governmental institutions. It has become a integral part of human life. But if you do not take good care of the AC it can result in health problems. It is necessary to maintain cleanliness in the air conditioner for protecting the indoor air quality to live a healthy fit life.

What Are The Steps You Can Take?

One factor, you may see regularly in the internet and conversations is the importance of cleaning the air ducts of AC. Non-cleaning at regular intervals does promote building of dust and mold. In the summer, it is hot and the indoor section of the unit has to run for longer periods. It can lead to growth of molds. Before the winter, unless your AC performs the dual action of heating the room, it may lay dormant. It is during these periods, that the mold can grow and create respiratory problems. Some of the parts to hold dust are the motor and blower wheels.

During Renovation

Did you have the home renovated? Then you got the perfect reason to get the air ducts cleaned. Home renovation, can cause unwanted debris, dirt and other tiny materials to get stuck inside the ducts.

A malfunctioning air conditioner can give rise to health problems such as breathing problems, nasal congestion, fatigue, headaches as well irritated skin. Many residential AC units can recirculate indoor air to save the energy. If you do not change the filters regularly, then air-flow will always be restricted. And they lose their prevention capacity to stop pesticides, allergens and other irritants from making an entry to their home.

Prevention Of Pollution From Air Conditioner

  • You have to follow the instructions of the manufacturer when you want to clean or change the air filters of the unit (DIY Method).
  • It is mandatory to have a qualified technician conduct annual maintenance checks.
  • Exchange the unit for a new one if it has crossed a decade
  • You can switch off the entire unit when you go on an vacation
  • If the temperature is normal during summer, try using only the fan-mode only
  • AC are found everywhere, even in cars. You should change the air filters of your cabin after 12,000 miles for a pollution free ride.
  • It is better to implement these steps before summer. In the hot atmosphere, you may find challenges in adapting to the hot environment.

The main reason, why some offices have AC is not only to reduce the heat produced by air conditioners and other machines, but also to filter the pollutants. In urban cities such as Bangalore, usually, many offices install air conditioners not only to promote a cool atmosphere in the summer, but also to filter particles coming from the outside air.

Health Benefits of Air-Conditioners

  • When your body is exposed to heat, it can give rise to negative moods. Air conditioner can help rectify by promoting a cool environment.
  • A cool atmosphere has been known to promote comfort levels among team members and enhance productivity. Low temperature prevents the body from dehydration in the form of sweat.
  • If you have an employee having allergy and asthma, then he/she can suffer from impure air quality.
  • When you work in a hot atmosphere, the body tries to adapt itself by removal of water in the form of sweat. Thus, the body loses vital nutrients and you lose energy. When the atmosphere is cool, they can take better decisions and work to enhance the productivity.
  • And it is not just the body, which suffers. It is also the brain. You must have seen numerous instances of persons with high blood pressure losing their control on anger after a journey in the hot sun.
  • Can you imagine the day, when the atmosphere was hot, and you could not get enough sleep? A high heart rate and blood pressure can make you feel sleep deprived. A temperature, that is in tandem with the body temperature, is a promoting factor to peaceful relaxing sleep in home.
  • Furniture

Excess heat can always wreak havoc on furniture. The lifetime of wooden furniture and leather made items become reduced. But a cool temperature may not enhance the lifetime of these two items, but it may offer them a environment where they can be made the best use of.

  • Overheating Electronic Devices

The electronic devices can malfunction leading to data loss and therefore a short lifespan.

  • Laundry Services

In the weekend, you have your hands full with laundry. Heat can make your body produce sweat. In specific regions, where the clothes touch the body such as neck, you can get a dark stain. A cool temperature can provide the best assistance to preserve the wardrobe clothes.


Let us imagine, you are the owner of a small software company in a urban city, shall we take up Bangalore? Being smart, and having a small office, you have made use of window air conditioners to offer a cool atmosphere to the employees. But of late, the employees have complained of less cool air, and you feel that the AC needs maintenance. So, you think of having maintenance services done at the right AC service centre in Bangalore.

Since you had at the back of your mind, the health of your employees,  you repaired the air conditioner. And now, the teams have improved their performance and productivity.