Games To enjoy in Your Hostel in Vizag

Hostel in Vizag

Now that you’ve moved to a city as vibrant as Vizag, you’ve got a whole new world to explore. From chilling on its sprawling beaches to going for adventure sports, to visiting heritage sites to enjoying some local delicacies, Vizag has a lot to offer. But beyond the hours you spend in your new college or office or out seeing the sights of the city, most of your time is spent in a women’s hostel in Vizag. Which means bonding with your roommates and forming a strong social circle in your hostel is also important. Having some fun indoor games that you can play with your roommates or co-residents can be a great way to break the ice and get to know them, or a cool way to spend some quality time with your friends. So, let’s take a look at some of the games you can enjoy in your hostel:

Heads Up

The only thing you need for this game is an app on your phone and a group of friends or roommates. Heads Up is an upgraded version of charades where one player holds a phone displaying different words to their forehead and the rest of the group tries to act them out. The goal is to get as many correct answers as possible within a minute. This is a great game to play in teams, especially if you’re trying to build some friendly competition between dorms or even in a group all together. Plus you can choose different categories of words to try and act out so you don’t have to worry about dealing with obscure clues. This is a fun game to play with people you’re just starting to get to know.


Almost everyone has a pack of Uno cards somewhere and once you’ve played it with your roommates in your hostel in vizag you’ll know why this is a dorm room staple. Ideal for groups of three or more people, Uno can get really loud and boisterous as you’ll find yourself and your roommates all playing by slightly different rules (or inventing your own ones) and trying to stick Draw-Fours on each other. If you’re looking for a way to break the ice and spend some time with your roommates, Uno is definitely the way to go.


While some people might say Monopoly is a game that ends friendships, we’ll say those people aren’t playing it right. Because a rousing game of Monopoly can be just what you need to get to know your roommate. You’ll get to know them better as people based on how they play (and how fast they go bankrupt) and it’s a great way to pass an evening in your hostel that you’d otherwise spend staring at a screen. Just don’t let any fights escalate and your healthy competition can give way to some great roommate relationships too.

Truth or Dare

If you’ve not got any board games, card games or apps on hand, you don’t need to worry. The old party favourite of truth or dare can be a great bonding exercise for new roommates. Get to know more about each other as people with some probing truth questions or engage in more light-hearted banter with silly dares. Either way you’ll have a total blast with your new roommates and end up sharing and making some great memories together.


With these games, you’re definitely going to be able to break the ice with your roommates. But wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to take all the effort yourself? That’s where a managed accommodation provider like Stanza Living comes in. Their residences in Vizag come equipped with entertainment zones and gaming areas that have a range of games, health equipment and common spaces for residents to hang out and play together. Planning a fun night in with your roommates will never be easier.

So, there you have it. Spending an evening playing some indoor games is a great way to bond or get to know your roommates while you’re living in a hostel in Vizag. Give some of these games a try and enjoy all the laughter and fun that’s sure to follow.