Firestone Credit Card is Turning More Commonplace – Know the Reasons

If you are a resident of the US and are on the lookout for a good solution for financing the repair and maintenance of cars and buying new tires, using Firestone Credit Cards will be the right choice. You can use this card all across the Firestone locations within the United States. Over the years, users have admitted to having a far better experience using this card over a traditional credit card. These credit cards have turned more commonplace, and the unique perks that it offers will continue in making it the tool of choice indeed for years to come.

What is covered?

Provided by the CFNA (Credit First National Association), this credit card also called the Firestone Complete Autocare Credit Card offers an array of advantages to car owners within the United States. The best part about this credit card is that it will provide you with a convenient mode to pay for tires, repairs, and maintenance. Through this credit card, you can charge all the major maintenance, tire purchases, and repairs to the credit card thereby budgeting in paying off the balance. The truth is Firestone offers such services for cars, SUVs, vans, pickups, and trucks.

Features that Lure

Take a look at some of the alluring features of the Firestone Credit Card,

  • The APR- From every purchase about 21.84% APR will apply. But if you fail to pay a minimum sum due within the due date, five days in 2 successive billing cycles, a 24.84% delinquency rate will apply to every account balance new and outstanding for a minimum of 6 billing cycles or till the full payment of the new balance.
  • Grace Period- This credit card will provide the user a grace period of 25 days to revolve the balances. There is no annual fee here so you can keep all your worries at bay regarding paying that additional interest and charge on it on a yearly basis.
  • Late Payment Fee– Take a look at its late payment fees scale,
    • New Balance under $100= $15
    • New Balance between $100-300= $25
    • New Balance $300 and above= $33

The Benefits in Abundance

In total there are more than 1500 stores (Firestone Complete Auto Care stores) the world over, thus regardless of where you reside, you are sure to come across a store that is near you. After registering an account with Firestone automatically, you will qualify in receiving promotions and coupons through the mail. Such advantages will range somewhere between 20-60% off on tires and $10 off on the battery exchange offers. Firestone also offers an account management system online which will enable you in completing these transactions. These online services are as follows,

  • First and foremost, you have the choice of paying online.
  • Secondly, you possess the flexibility of viewing your statements online.
  • Thirdly, online reporting services are available in case of theft or loss of the card.
  • Last but not the least, when you are all set in having your car serviced, you can indeed request for an online appointment, and Firestone will get in touch with you in a day to confirm provided the time which you asked for is accessible at the requested store.

The best part of having this Firestone credit card indeed is the great rewards that you can enjoy including the signature reward of 0% on purchases amounting to $299 and above. You will get good flexibility such as to pay the minimum payment each month covering the due date and clear the credit card bill in its entirety within six months. As in case of other credit cards, here should you fail in making a timely payment you will have to pay an extra fee going above the provision of that zero-interest. Besides this credit card will also offer you with value-added benefits in the likes of special pricing conferred both on tire purchases and auto care. The billing procedure too as mentioned above is entirely online. Through email notifications, you will get notified of every detail.

Who Can Benefit the Most from this Card?

You can make the utmost of this credit card by making purchases time and again from Firestone. That being said, if you own multiple vehicles and need to invest a lot in car repairs and tires at Firestone then this is the card for you. If you make purchases sparingly and when it comes to tires and auto repairs you make a straight payment you can be benefitted but a little less.

Application Procedure

How to apply for this credit card? To apply for this card, you need to provide your permanent address and to boost up the approval you can show your steady income source or the existing savings account’s proof. Do not apply for too many credit cards in one go. For instance, you can opt for essentials if you have a vehicle and need provision for tire purchases and routine car repair. Most importantly while applying for this card, go for an online procedure instead of visiting in person a financial institute. It will work wonders in preventing the danger of any third party in getting hands when it comes to your critical financial details thereby eliminating the identity theft.

In short, having a Firestone Credit Card makes sense. It will provide you with a plethora of benefits associated with automobile repairs, tire purchasing, and automobile maintenance. Through this card, you can quickly clear off all the expenses related to car repair and support at a pocket-friendly price. The icing on the cake is, if you have this card, you can buy tires from well-known brands such as Bridgestone, Lemans, and Firestone without burning a hole in your pocket. Most importantly you can keep away from the interest charges as in the case with other credit cards by clearing off the balance every month. This credit card will offer you a lot of conveniences provided you use it positively.