Fashion Statements Made in Military Boots

In most countries, it is illegal to wear military uniform or any part of it. There is an exception though for people who wear them in theatrical productions – they are not breaking any laws. Well, at least they are in a controlled space as opposed to someone who would wear combat uniform on the streets with the intention to impersonate a veteran. What about combat boots? Are civilians prohibited from wearing them? Not at all! Actually, since they are made and sold by and to civilians, there is really no restriction as to who and where they can be worn. Observe what people wear as footwear over winter and military boots feature widely. If you have just bought a pair of winter boots and re looking for ideas on how to dress them, here are a few examples;

For a Dressier Look

For those who love dresses, look for one that is about knee length short and is either bold print or solid color. Ideally, the hem of the dress should just end where the boot starts. Take care not to violate any dress codes particularly those that specify the lengths of attires to be worn to school or work. Only one piece of the entire outfit should be the center of attraction and if you want this to be the dress, choose a dark coloured pair of military boots. For a more professional look, match the colour of the blouse you are wearing to the colour of the boots and make sure to use all the hooks for a neat appearance.

For a Dressed-down Look

Leggings and tights tell the world that you are in a laid back mood that is not too serious. Wearing military style boots completes this look by saying that you are ready for an outdoor adventure event. If it is a little chilly outside, wear a pair of leggings beneath your skirt then put on your boots. Are you out to achieve a casual look? Wear a pair of dark leggings to contrast the chunky look of the combat boots. Some people do not fancy leggings at all and would rather stick to the classic casual jeans look. a light washed pair will do the magic plus you can add to their character by fraying the hem or ripping the knees. If you can get a baggy pair, it works well but not to worry if you cannot – just roll up your skinny jeans to let the world see that top of your shoe.

Any type of blouse or top will go well with a pair of military boots. Go for plain colours if you are interested in keeping it simple because a bold print makes a fashion statement.

For the Sophisticated Winter Look

Everybody wants to stay warm during the winter and apart from a strong pair of combat boots to keep your feet warm, you can make use of the good old trench coat. Used in combination, it might seem like too much but it is really not; not if you break the bulk by wearing a pair of tights under the coat. A versatile look for the office, this look is formal but what comes from underneath the trench coat is a mystery that can rule the night spots.

When going shopping for a pair of military style boots, pay attention to the accessories because they influence the general outlook of what you wear. Hooks for military boots for instance add a sense of masculinity to a pair of shoes.