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In any era, the agriculture has been regarded as one of the essential business sectors for a stable economy and meeting the desired food quantity of the nation. Where Pakistan has secured a notable name in world agriculture industry with its 10% share in total global production, there is much to do for enabling farmers and land owners with new irrigation trends and latest machinery. Farm Dynamics Pakistan has taken the mantel to act as a beacon between rural farmers and advanced agriculture methods that can reduce the cost and water wastage. Let’s have a close look at company’s business values and the product range it offers:


Farm Dynamics Pakistan initiated its operations in 2010 with a vision to combine traditional agriculture knowledge with new and improved farming methods. The company is registered with Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industries (LCCI) and aims at combining futuristic agriculture concepts with practical farming techniques so that the farmers can produce a considerable quantity of crops. Farm Dynamics Pakistan or FDP offers a wide range of its products and farming consultancy as described below:


FDP has been engaged in developing and introducing new agriculture products in market that come at a feasible cost and reduce farming expenses. The company is currently focusing on its 3 product verticals that are mentioned below:

ICM Technologies: – FDP offers its ICM (integrated crop management) system to allow the farmers in reducing energy consumption, crop rotation, soil management and crop nutrition. The system is also effective in organization management and water wastage control that impacts on the cost of production for any crop.

Mechanization: – FDP’s R&D department, in conjunction with sales team, has been engaged in designing advanced machinery that removes the hurdles in harvesting of sugarcane, rice and other consumable crops. The machinery is tested several times before a farmer gets to use it for minimizing any possible mechanical errors and increase work efficiency in all sort of farming procedures.

Inputs: – Third, and one of the most important part for agriculture, FDP is a reliable supplier of seeds, bailing twine, silage wrapping nets and sheets that allow you to grow, bind and secure your cultivated crops until they reach the market. Quality, cost effectiveness and reliability are kept on top priority while supplying these products to farmers in Pakistan.


Water wastage is one of the serious problems that farmers face in their agriculture quests. Farm Dynamics Pakistan has pledged to eradicate water wastage issue with versatile range of irrigation management system range. We studied the old and new crop watering techniques that influence on farming costs, crop wastage and revenue decrease. We have introduced different irrigation management systems in shape of our Integrated Crop Management product line that are mentioned below:

  • Overhead Travelling Central Pivot Irrigation
  • Surface & Sub-surface Drip Irrigation System
  • Sub-surface Monitoring – ENVIROSCAN
  • On-farm Climate & Weather Monitoring System
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring System
  • Automated Pest Monitoring
  • Pumping Solutions

While designing these water irrigation systems for all sort of farming activities, we analyze the traditional watering approach in mind and identify their drawbacks from farmer’s perspective. We aim at increasing efficiency and crop yield rate with smart and effective watering approach. We design and improve our water irrigation systems by keeping certain characteristics in mind that are as follow:

  • Uniform water supply
  • Less water consumption
  • Easily portal units
  • Ability to water multiple areas simultaneously
  • Lowest operation cost
  • Affordable and durable irrigation systems

Why Farm Dynamics Pakistan?

Farm Dynamics Pakistan works with certain business values that advocate both company’s vision and environmental preservation. The company is not just selling seeds, tractors, ploughing machines and irrigation systems but goes beyond in contributing to nature with its green initiatives. FDP is a proud member of Global Water Partnership (GWP), Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and UNESCO. It is also associated with FAO, IFAD, UNIDO, UNDP and LCCI. Farm Dynamics is an official partner of John Deere in Pakistan that adds another accolade to its trust metrics in the region.

You may write us on at or speak with our customer success representatives on 042 353 123 01 to know more about our farming products.