Integrating Cutting Edge E-Signature Technologies with SignNow

E Signatures

Information technology is developing faster than ever in the current world. However, it is a rare occasion to see a brand-new software or technology released for the public. In most cases, we see upgraded and slightly altered solutions, which do their job nonetheless. The same goes for digital signature technologies. They have been going around companies in all countries for quite some years now, although there are still countless businesses that wait for complete digitalization. While it is easy to convert all the business papers into a virtual shape, you will still need special means of operating with them. The ability to write an electronic signature is essential in this case.

SignNow is the perfect software for working with digital papers and optimizing your workflow after the digitalization. Converting the physical papers into their virtual forms is not just a popular and modern thing but a necessary step for companies that want to remain relevant and improve every day. Even after a month of working with documents digitally, you will see how much faster it is and how the working conditions will improve. Finding new ways of enhancing the workflow is important for boosting the performance of your company and increasing employee satisfaction. Previously, you would have to write or type a document, print it, deliver the copy to the person that has to sign it, collect other signatures and data, wait for the finished document, and so on. Now, you can do all these steps via a computer or mobile phone just in a couple of clicks and within minutes.

The Business Spheres that Can Benefit from Installing SignNow

The main advantage of this program is its flexibility. From the reviews of SignNow clients, you can see that they all come from various businesses, no matter the scale or sphere of operation. This program includes useful solutions for handling electronic records. This is why there is no difference between businesses that can make good use of it. Here are a few industries that are the perfect examples of using electronic signatures to their advantage:

Industries using E-Signatures to their Advantages

  • Medical organizations – productivity and smooth workflow are crucial in healthcare. Even minor delay can be dangerous. Although urgent cases are being treated immediately without filing the paperwork. It is better for other patients as well to be able to finish all the bureaucracy promptly and move along. Fast and convenient documentation management saves precious effort and time for the medical staff. All the spare activities can be directed towards other patients and tasks that need finishing. Electronic signatures are also highly important for remote healthcare, especially at times such as a pandemic.

  • Universities and schools – both students and their teachers waste huge amounts of money each month to print out necessary papers. Whether it is a scientific report, an essay, or a document with student’s data, there are thousands of documents circulating a single educational organization every day. With digital documentation and the possibility to make signatures digitally, the workflow becomes much quicker and effortless. This helps to everyone involved in the studying process.

  • Various types of insurance – everyone who has some type of insurance knows how tedious it is to collect the required documents to apply for one. Gathering the necessary files takes not only a long time but also a lot of money. Digital documentation management is usually free of charge and immeasurably faster. Besides, electronic signing allows working with papers from home instead of meeting up with the insurer in person.

  • Governmental agencies – all processes and operations in the government have to be officially approved for signed documents to pass. Operating the whole country takes a lot of official statements, laws, and other documents, and each of them has to be signed promptly. With SignNow, the whole record management can be partially automatized, which helps with organizing the workflow and enhancing it.

The Range of Features Developed by SignNow Creators

To simplify the process of creating and working with documents in digital form throughout their whole lifecycle, there are various helpful tools and settings. Here are some of them:

  • Different signature types – there are a couple of signing methods available for SignNow users. They make signing as simple as if it was on a sheet of paper.

  • Inquiring attached files – in the settings, you can specify that you need a document enclosed with the original paper you have sent out for signing.

  • Customizable boxes – there is a variety of fields open for editing depending on the data you need. They include text, times and dates, lists, signatures, and more.

  • Signing lines – each paper that needs more than one signature can be delivered to all the recipients automatically one after another.

Choosing SignNow for Enhanced Working Experience in Your Company

Any Company can purchase and integrate SignNow from all around the globe. This universal software already has numerous loyal clients because of its incredibly convenient services. The SignNow users upload their reviews online so that everyone can consider incorporating this program into their work. In comparison with other popular software like Adobe Sign and other analogs, it becomes clear that SignNow has more to offer.

However, no matter how convenient the program is? Digital record handling would be inefficient without the ability to make electronic signatures legally. Not all signatures drawn on a computer have legal status, but those made with the help of SignNow do. Thanks to this software, you can work with the documents online and offline without printing them out.