Do You Know The Important Points About AC Compressor?

Do you have an air conditioner in your home? If so, then please get to know the important parts of your air conditioners. A regular maintenance of the appliance, and you can get the best benefits. So, in this article, you are going to get information on the AC compressor, one of the important parts of the appliance. If you compare the Air conditioner to a human body, the compressor can be termed as the heart.

Another important component of the AC system is the refrigerant. It is the fluid circulating via the coils and valves of the system to provide cool air to the surroundings. But none of the other parts can function without the compressor. This magical pump moves the refrigerant flowing and keeps the total appliance cool. Usually a air conditioner consist of four important parts. They are compressor, expansion valve, evaporator and condenser. There are also other parts, such as the blower fan, motors and capacitors.

Importance of the Compressor

If the compressor fails to do the job, then the AC will not work. In similar situation, the refrigerant will not run via the coils and the AC will be merely an appliance in name. If you hear a groaning or screeching noise from the condenser unit, this is the earliest signs of a malfunctioning compressor motor.

Watch Out For Signs of Damage

Please note, that the compressor is the best and most expensive part of the AC. Sometimes, it is better to buy a new unit than go for the replacement of the compressor.

The main reason for the malfunction could be because of bad contact or compressor bearings. Chances are that the device has become overloaded. It is better to have the appliance under regular maintenance as per the specifications of the manufacturer. This method will keep the system working efficiently for a longer period of time.


The major reason may be the low oil level. In case of the air conditioner not working properly, then opt for the services of a qualified AC repair technician. The other reason for failure is when the pressure in the tank goes below the specified level pressure.

Compressor Maintenance

While inspection, the professional will check compressor and other vital parts for signs of damage or failure. He may also check the compressor pads to ensure that no electrical problems exist in the appliance.

In case the compressor fails to start off, then it is the result of electrical problems with air conditioning unit.

Recent Innovations in Technology

When every industry has an app for its uses, can the air conditioner industry be far behind? Definitely not. There are, in fact, various apps for different brands and for checking the health aspects of every air conditioner parts.


In this article, information has been given on only the most important apps  that are used by the AC repair technicians in the US.

HVAC Professional 

True to its name, this app contains more than 200 formulas and 18 charts. It is also constantly updated from time to time.

Duct Calculator Elite

This Elite gives the professionals when they work on ducts. It is different from the old control types. It offers several ways to find the perfect fit for the AC. In addition, the mechanic can also calculate the velocity of the duct, size, drop in pressure, and flow rate with minimum touches on the tablet or telephone.

ESC Mobile Tech

You can do various jobs with this app. You can either make an addition or deletion of customers, get status updates and view service history right from the smart phone.


Considered the best mobile app for any HVAC technician. It has mapping, scheduling and invoicing features. You can send a suitable response as soon a task gets completed. You can also send images to customers.

Refrigerant Slider

In the US, almost every HVAC technician will have this app installed in the mobile. It is necessary to find the pressure leading to temperature points. It gives you knowledge on nearly 69 various refrigerants that includes the old and natural ones. You can get info on nearly every refrigerant like the GWP or Global Warming Potential or ODP (Ozone Depleting Potential).


You may have the best brand air conditioner in your home. But without regular maintenance you are reducing the lifespan of the appliance. Consider, in an unfortunate situation, you guess that the compressor in the air conditioner has a problem and has to get serviced by a qualified professional? So how will you search for the best AC repair service center in Pune? That too, if you do not have warranty. You can no doubt, take the appliance to the center, but you will have to bear the costs to and fro.

There is one easy method by which you can hire the services of the best professional. There are companies which provide the best handyman professional services to the residents of Pune right at their doorstep. All you have to do, is to download their app and book the service as per your convenience. On the schedule date and time, the concerned professional will come to your house, and restore the AC back to normal. As per a recent update, all over the globe, it is the construction and home improvement service companies which are making huge profits. So, do not forget that a compressor is the most important part of the air conditioner appliance.