Djarum Clove Cigars – Alternatives to Cigars

Taking cigar makes your body relaxed, stressed-free, and calmed.

It is also healthier compared to taking cigarettes since you do not inhale the smoke in a cigar.

With these benefits, the Cigar Global Market Research projected that the cigar industry would grow 2.5% in the next five years.

Unfortunately, this positive projection on the cigar industry led the influx of counterfeit cigar in different market worldwide.

These fake cigars are sold extremely lower than the commercial brands. Some reports even confirmed that some fake cigars cost $150 lower than the legal brands.

Good thing that you can do something to counter these counterfeit products- through using Djarum Cigars or Djarum Clove Cigars.

What is Djarum Clove Cigars- Alternatives to Cigars

Djarum Clove Cigars is a safer alternative to cigarette since it is produced with all the goodness that cloves can provide.

Clove cigars contain lesser nicotine and harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, and Vinyl chloride.

60-70% of clove cigar is made from tobacco, while the remaining 30-40% are made from shredded cloves, buds, and oil.

Clove cigars are mainly produced in Indonesia by PT Djarum.

You can trust the integrity of all the clove cigars produced by PT Djarum since they are into the business of manufacturing clove cigars (also known as kretek) for almost seven decades.

Top 5 Djarum Clove Cigars in 2019

  1. Djarum Black Cherry Little Clove Cigar.

    If you want to experience the perfect balance of Sumatran blend that released a unique and crisp smoke, the Djarum Black Cherry Little Clove Cigar is best for you.

Djarum Black Cherry Little Clove Cigar is made from superior Sumatran tobacco meticulously combined with clove spice and rolled into perfection.

  1. Djarum Bali Hai Little Clove Cigars.

    This is also a premium blend clove cigar that is made from Sumatran tobacco. The only difference of Djarum Bali Hai Little Clove Cigar is that it induces a ‘tropical’ flavor that energizes and refreshes your palate, especially during the hot season.

  2. Djarum Black Menthol Little Clove Cigars.

    Expect a refreshing and cool experience once you take Djarum Black Menthol Little Clove Cigars.

Made from Sumatran tobacco and combined with clove spice, this cigar is also a perfect variety during the summer season.

4.Djarum Special Little Clove Cigars.

A strong cigar with a balanced combination of cinnamon, cardamom, and spicy after-taste describes the Djarum Special Little Clove Cigars.

It is made from Indonesian tobacco packed in a sweet-tasting paper.

  1. Djarum Black Ultra Menthol Little Clove Cigars.

  2. Made from Sumatran tobacco combined with clove spice, this is another cigar that will fulfill your tobacco urge.

Djarum Black Ultra Menthol Little Clove Cigars inflects a cool, smooth, and exciting tobacco experience.

These are some of the Djarum Clove Cigars that you can try to experience the best feel that only ‘genuine’ cigar can bring.

Djarum Clove Cigars: History, Features, Misconceptions


Indonesia is the leading producer of clove cigars since the 1800s.

During its budding years, clove cigar was used primarily for medicinal purposes such as treating chest pain. As years passed by, people discovered that clover cigars are also perfect for recreation.


Compared to the regular cigarette, clove cigars need a longer time to produce smoke. Clove cigars also produce a ‘crackling’ noise as they are burned.

Expect a stronger tobacco scent when you take a clove cigar, and you’ll also experience slight numbness in your lips, throat, and chest due to the chemical eugenol that clover contains.


Though it was part of the initial recall, clover cigars were not completely banned as imposed by the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act of 2009.

Clove cigars do not contain 100% tobacco; thus, it does not pose a high risk to smokers. In fact, you can get a lot of benefits from the clove that is integrated with every roll of clover cigar.

Health Benefits of Clove Cigars

  • Anti-inflammatory.

    Clove cigars contain a phenylpropene known as eugenol. This organic compound has an anti-inflammatory property that is effective to treat swelling or inflammation and also act as an analgesic (pain killer).

  • Packed With Nutrients.

    The clove contained in every clove cigar will bring lots of nutrients to your body. Among these nutrients that you can get from clove, cigar are manganese, vitamin C, vitamin K, and fiber.

Manganese is known to keep bones stronger, reduces inflammation, controls blood sugar, and serves as an active antioxidant. Vitamin C keeps the body’s immune system strong; repairs damaged tissues and forms collagen. Vitamin K is beneficial as it plays a vital role in blood clotting, regulating the calcium level of the blood, and improving bone metabolism. With this information, taking Djarum Clove Cigar as an alternative to regular cigars is always the right decision. If you find this article helpful, you can share this on different social media platforms. You can also leave a comment below so that your sentiment, suggestion, or recommendation will be heard.