Difference Between Channel Letters & Monument Signs

It’s hard to miss the familiar glare of channel letter signs over the entrances to retail stores and other businesses as you navigate the city streets at night. And, you may have found there are some non-illuminated sign standees out there that are usually called as monument signs. What about these signs? And, what is the difference between channel letters and monument signs in Florida? This article will address all of your queries.

Difference Between Channel Letters & Monument Signs

Monument Signs

A monument sign is a freestanding sign that is low to the ground. These signs often contain masonry elements, but not always. They can also be made from foam replicating the appearance of masonry, and few people can tell the difference.

You can control the signage as well as the structure itself with a monument sign. When it comes to signs and landmarks, creativity restricts the possibilities. A monument sign can be as plain and conventional as a sandblasted stone monument or as intricate and sculptural as a monument composed of carved or shaped decorative elements made of steel or aluminum.

Signs R Us, a reputable signage company in Florida is specialized in producing simple forms of monument signs and shapes and radiused monument signs. There are plenty of options for lighting with monument signs ranging from internally illuminated signs to monuments illuminated with all types of external fixtures.

Channel Letter Signs

Channel letter sign is a dimensional letter with aluminum backs and fluorescent or LED interior lighting sides. The sign face is made of clear polycarbonate with metal retainers or plastic trim caps held in place. These markers are also known as “letter signs on the front-lit channel” as the light shines through the front.

Is Channel Letter Sign Ideal for Your Business?

There is a long list of reasons why your primary exterior signage channel letters should be considered. Some of the advantages of channel letters include:

  • They are easy to see from far away at all hours of the day and night
  • Eco-friendly and low power use
  • LEDs remain unaffected by cold winters in Florida
  • They help you stand out from your rivals
  • Long-lasting, low-maintenance and heavy duty
  • Because channel letters are popular among national brands, they will make your business appear larger
  • Endless design alternatives
  • LEDs use low voltage DC power

Great Way To Market Your Business

Whether you’re just starting a new company or you need a fresh look for an existing one, signs are a must if you want to attract potential customers ‘ interest. Signs create a company or organization’s first impression. And last impressions for the first time, so you’d like to make confident that your signage is perfect.

For channel letter signs or monument signs in Florida, when you call Signs R Us, the graphic designers can provide you with mockups that will show you exactly how the sign looks at your venue. They will also check the signing ordinances of your municipality, conduct a site survey, and give you an accurate quote. Contact friendly experts f to get started today. To book a quote, contact the friendly experts for a free consultation.