Where to Find Jobs on the Internet | 7 Best Online Jobs Websites

Are you looking for a job? Well, probably you would say, yes. Although it is obvious that the Internet is full of job hiring and career development, it might come to you like an overwhelming factor since there are plenty of offers to choose from. As a result, it might stress you finding your next or your first-time job.

If you are a first-timer, finding jobs on the Internet might not be easy as it seems. There are lots of offers that you would certainly see. Some are so tempting to grab since they are offering easy jobs for a ‘too good to be true’ rates or payments. You should be aware that in the online world, there are also a lot of scammed job opportunities.

Be reminded that you should not be stressed out in seeking a career. As mentioned, there are countless opportunities in the World Wide Web. However, you must also determine the legitimacy of the site since scammers are just around the corners.

To help you with your journey in seeking legitimate and trusted job sites on the Internet, some of the best and trusted career sites for Australia and the USA, and even across the world are summed up in the list below to serve as an easy guide for your job search.

Gumtree is a free marketplace where you can search by job title, company name, description or even region across Australia.

Glassdoor is a free career website for job seekers. However, the site is not free for employers. Both Australians and Americans can search for jobs on this site and apply online. You can see the reviews of employees and members to determine the stability of this trusted job site. Trusted as one of the best job sites, Glassdoor offers countless opportunities for job seekers.

Currently available in 60 countries and 28 languages, Indeed is a one-search job website for almost all job-seekers. Here you can find a vast opportunity that would match your qualification since it scrapes thousands of job opportunities from career pages of different companies and classified ads. You can even search for a job by just typing a two-word phrase.


True to its name, Career Builder is a trusted job site not just in the United States and Australia, but even in Asia, Europe, and Canada. It leads to recruitment solutions and employment screening, thus giving you the fair chance to get the job that you want.

Being one of the top career sites, Monster offers millions of jobs every day, ranging from hourly local jobs to jobs of your chosen career. You can read through members’ experience to have a better idea of this popular job site.

Compared to other sites, finding jobs in Upwork is a lot easier since clients’ profiles are structured in a way that details about the payment method, how much do they already spent on the site and the exact pay, regardless if it’s fixed price or hourly rate. You can even read the reviews or feedbacks of both the employer and past employed freelancers.

LinkedIn is an effective job site both for employers seeking for the right candidates and job seekers as well. As a job seeker, you can emphasize your skill on your profile page, as well as your educational background and history of your previous employment. Here at LinkedIn, you can make business connections and will even let you join professional groups with the same interests.

And the list goes on, but those listed above are legitimate ones and would not require any fee from you unless you are an employer or recruiter seeking a qualified candidate for your job opening. Moreover, you are free to showcase your talent and skills by building a portfolio to impress prospective employers.

However, like any other job site, you must learn the right way of creating your resume and portfolio. Always remember that employers are basing their first impressions on these two important details of your profile. Therefore you must know the crucial words to include and avoid in your resume since these can make or break your career opportunities.