Best Time to Visit Philadelphia

“The United States of America is a very culturally rich country.”

For instance, in the western states, you can see a Hispanic cum pop-culture vibe; down to southern and southeastern states, the culture is dominated by Old-West disciplines. In the Midwest, you will get a good-ole country vibe mixed with Native American traditions.

But without a doubt, the Anglo-American culture that the British left after American independence can be seen in the Eastern states of New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. The region is also called New England.

The city of Philadelphia, popularly called Philly, is one of the most popular tourist destinations after aspiring travelers get their esta american visa. The capital of Pennsylvania, Philly, holds the Independence Hall, in which the declaration of American Independence took place, and the constitution signed.

A remarkable history site, Philadelphia has a lot to offer to you.

The Top Places that Need to be in Your Philadelphia Itinerary

  • The renowned Independence National Historical Park

    Obviously, the first place to add to your list should be the Historical Park, located in the city’s heart, spanning 55 acres. It holds the most historic sites associated with the American Independence Revolution and the days of the British. You should also make your time to visit the Independence Hall.

  • Philadelphia Museum of Art

    Another history piece of Philly, the Museum of Art holds more than 240,000 works of art that include sculptures, paintings, crafts, prints, photographs, physical artifacts, the stories of which spans several decades. From the recent technological revolution to the European colonial days, you will find something of the utmost relevance in this museum. And if that is not enough to convince you for a visit, the 72 ‘Rocky’ steps of the museum are famous for being featured in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky, where he trained.

  • Blue Cross RiverRink

    Located at 101 S Christopher Columbus Blvd, Blue Cross is a huge outdoor Ice-skating rink. It transforms into a skating rink in the summer, frequented by thousands of skating enthusiasts, both amateur and pros. Not into skating? It does not matter; the park surrounding Blue Cross holds a food court that serves delicious food and drinks.

Please to stay in Philadelphia near attractions

  1. Apple Hostels of Philadelphia

    If you are traveling to the US’s eastern side on a budget, then staying in a reasonably priced hostel is your best option. The Apple Hostel is located on 32 Bank Street and boasts of clean dorm-style beds and attached bathrooms. Laundry service, Wi-Fi, and an equipped kitchen are at your disposal. The per-day rate for rooms is reasonable, ranging between $80 to $130.

  2. Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse Square

    A luxury 4-star hotel located in a strategic area adjacent to the Rittenhouse Square, Warwick Hotel is also fairly close to the Philadelphia Museum. The hotel features a 1940’s style steakhouse and even a gym for your fitness needs, plus a hair salon. The surrounding upscale neighborhood holds many ambient eateries. The per-day room rate lies between $150 to $200.

  3. Club Quarters Hotel

    Located right near the city center’s Rittenhouse Square, the hostel is close to the Independence National Historical Park – which gives it a strategic and travelers priority. It is what is a more affordable choice for you, and you will spend around $100 to $150 a day. Apart from that, the hotel offers clean old-style rooms, also holding a fitness center.

Best Restaurants near Independence Hall

Have you applied for your esta visa? Well, you better check status of esta application because you do not want to miss out on dining at some of the best restaurants near Independence Hall serving delicious food.

  • Jones

    Yes, just Jones. Set in the heart of the city, the restaurant has a late 60’s vibe seen in its food and setting. It serves some of the best waffles and pizzas.

  • The Bourse

    It occupies it place in a historic building in Old Philly. The eatery is known for authentic chicken sandwiches, tacos, and drinks that go great with your food.

  • Buddakan

    If you want to experience some delicious Asian food bonanza, then head to Buddakan on your first day in Philly. The outlet features a giant golden Buddha statue, which you can observe studiously while savoring the taste of the tasty chicken salad and vegetable soup.


We have talked everything about Philadelphia, starting from its historic sites that trace back origin to the Europeans and the first icons of an Independent America.

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We have also discussed some good budget places to stay and delicious places to eat in Philadelphia, incredibly close to the city center.

Now comes your part; if you have already applied for an esta, good for you, go and check status of esta asap.

And if you have not applied for an esta authorization, well then, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!