What are the Best Paint Sprayers and How to Choose?

When you need to paint it becomes very essential to have paint sprayers. HVLP is a kind of paint sprayer and a device which is very beneficial to the professional painter as well as the interior and exterior decorator. This is one of the finest paint sprayers which can provide a smooth finish of painting. It is highly used in the market in order to put a higher volume of paint at a low pressure. The HVLP spray gun facilitates is one of the best painting sprayers which offer more paint and unlike the normal sprayers it produces less overspray and bounces back. But there is no doubt that you will get a lot of HVLP paint sprayers in the market, and it is obvious that people will become very confused about determining how to choose the best painting sprayers. That is why we have come out with some tips which will help you to choose the best painting spray gun.

Useful tips to choose the best paint sprayers

The following are some very practical and essential tips that you must consider while you go to the market for purchasing the best paint sprayers: 

  • Metal handle:  It is very important to check whether the paint spray that is going to buy has a metal handle or not. A metal handle is very essential because it has air light regulating features which the help of which the paint will last longer. Generally, the metal handle is made up of solid brass.
  • Adjustable pattern fan control: It is also very essential to have an adjustable pattern fan control with the help of which it becomes possible to get a huge range of sprays which will start from a small circular spray to wide circular spray. This type of adjustable pattern fan control offers you the flexibility of handling a huge range of paint very comfortably and easily.
  • Non-bleeding features: You must not forget to look whether the paint sprayer that you are going to buy has non-bleeding features or not. This is a very essential feature with the help of which you will be able to prevent the unexpected and unnecessary mess. Thus, there is no denying the non-bleeding feature can help you to avoid the mess of paint which in turn can save a huge amount of costly paint.
  • Easy to grip the handle: Handle of a paint sprayer is the most important part of any paint sprayer as it plays a big role in smooth painting. As such looking at the handle is a must before you purchase the paint sprayer. You should only purchase that paint sprayer which is very comfortable to hold as it can lessen the wasted paint as well as your valuable time.
  • Light-weight sprayer: While you go to purchase paint sprayer you must look how much comfort it can provide you while painting. As such it is very important that you should only look for a lightweight paint sprayer which you can carry very comfortably. The ideal weight paint sprayer is around 12 lbs to 20 lbs. If any paint sprayer weighs more than that it should be considered as heavy paint Sprayer.
  • The dimension of paint sprayer: It is also very essential to check the dimension of paint sprayer. In fact, the dimension of paint sprayer must be 6 x 11 x 13. This is because, with this type of dimension, any professional painter and designer can easily paint in both indoors and outdoors comfortably. So, whenever you go to purchase a paint sprayer you must ensure that the paint sprayer must have that much of dimension which you can carry comfortably to anywhere.
  • Safety measure: You can never ignore the safety measures while you purchase the paint sprayer. We all know that paint is harmful to our health and it contains some kind of chemicals and ingredient which is very injurious to our health. Thus, it is necessary to look at the safety level whenever you go to purchase paint sprayer. You must look whether there are any chances of leakage of paint or not. If you find that there is a slight chance of leakage then you should never buy that paint sprayer.