Bathroom Renovations Adelaide Guide

In Adelaide, there are many new homes that are built, as well as those which have been around for a while. When your home starts to age, one of the most common places that people will remodel first is the bathroom. Why? Simple. It’s our throne room, our privacy area, and what’s more important, most bathrooms are considered the safest rooms in a home, often being more sturdy than other rooms in the house. When you’re going to remodel your bathroom, you probably don’t want to do all of the work, so you’re going to hire a contractor. That’s a very good idea! In this guide, we’ll give you a few tips on hiring the best one in the area.

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Very Few Bathroom Remodeling Contractors are Designers

That being said, while there are a handful of contractors and custom home builders that have no problem showcasing their talents with individual design skills, many of them don’t have this gift, so they’d rather you have your design in hand so that they can build the project that you want. This is actually a good thing at times though.

You’ll Save More on Materials if You Buy Your Own

No, this doesn’t mean you want to buy the materials that your contractor is going to remodel with. However, when it comes to the decorative things, you’ll want to buy those on your own to design and place in your brand new bathroom. Don’t go out and buy construction materials for your contractor, as many contractors have the ability to get amazing discounts at the home hardware stores that they get their materials in. Therefore, you can actually make sure you mention your budget when it comes to the materials, and always ask for the cost of materials up front when you start to mention your quote before you ever sign anything.

Don’t Think You’re Alone. What About Scheduling?

While you may hate not having a bathroom, there are some things you’ll want to make sure of, and that’s that the best bathroom remodeling contractors can offer to manage time wisely so you can still use your bathroom as soon as possible. Make sure that you have a contractor that has experience can actually guarantee that, but keep in mind that things happen, and when it comes to remodeling an entire room of your home, that you should take their word lightly, because nobody can guarantee that they’ll be finished within a day or two. However, they can utilize their time wisely, so you can use certain parts of the bathroom even if they’re not finished (while they’re not in the bathroom of course).


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