Atsushi Hisatsumi On Japan’s Innovative Influencer Marketing Industry

Atsushi Hisatsumi is not your average blockchain executive and entrepreneur. As an award-winning singer, DJ, and dancer, Atsushi recently launched one of Japan’s most notable fundraises at the moment.

As the founder of Patron, Atsushi is out to show the world the value and talent in Japan’s dominant influencer and celebrity culture. This blockchain-backed platform is looking to solve many challenges currently found in influencer marketing. These include sourcing local talent to securing contracts and payments.

Thankfully, I had the chance to connect with him and learn more about his current passion and how he looks to disrupt the marketing industry.

MS: What is the primary goal of Patron? What are you trying to solve?

AH: First, we want to put Japan on the map by bringing Japan’s dynamic influencer marketing to the world.Second, we will create a decentralized platform where influencers and brands can connect in a secure environment to launch influencer marketing campaigns. On a larger scale, we are making sure influencers and brands can connect and build mutually beneficial deals that will lead in a positive ROI for brands and a deeper following for influencers.

MS: You are an influencer in Japan. Did this have something to do with your inspiration behind Patron?

AH: This was a part of my inspiration. I am lucky enough to say I have been in the influencer marketing industry since 2010. This was before Instagram created a platform for influencers campaigns to thrive. With this experience, I noticed a big problem in the market. Outside of the 1% of top influencers, it becomes very challenging to source and connect with international influencers. The patron will solve this. We will build the sharing economy for influencers.

MS: How does blockchain technology play into this?

AH: Patron is building the Airbnb of influencer marketing by using blockchain technology to create a full ecosystem to post, discover, and book social media network services. An influencer’s SNS delivery frame will be tokenized, allowing brands to book influencers on an individual, monthly, and annual contract.

MS: How has the reception been so far?

AH: So far it has been great. This is largely due to our existing experience in the space and vast network of influencers around the world. Our team has been leading influencer marketing in Japan for many years and has accumulated a deep industry expertise. We will use this base as our foundation to scale globally. We are confident that we have the talent and experience to create a global service that will disrupt the industry as a whole.

MS: Have there been any challenges so far?

AH: The challenges are the same core challenges we are trying to solve. It is catapulting a country like Japan onto the global stage and sharing our influencer society with the world. From a technical and blockchain perspective, I have experienced many ICOs as an adviser. Some notables include KICKICO, PundiX, and TraDove. It has given me the chance to work with talented founders and learn how to run a global fundraising event successfully.

MS: What is in store for 2018?

AH: Our ICO will be completed in early 2018 and we will focus heavily on product development. Our tentative app launch date is scheduled for June 2018. Until that point, we will continue to build out our network of influencers to create the most thorough ecosystem we can.