Do you have respiratory problems? Unfortunately, environmental pollution causes damage to us through the release of chemicals into the atmosphere. Chemical substances from our industries continue polluting the air and making more people get respiratory problems. Asthma can both be a genetic condition or one caused by such pollutants.

Statistics reveal that more than 25 million people are asthmatic in America alone. The condition is not biased since it affects people of all ages. Asthmatic attacks can be scary if you are not fully prepared for it. Today we will tell you how you can handle this condition and live with it well.

Get an Action Plan

Your doctor can outline an action plan of you indicating every information you need regarding the condition. It helps you know the kind of medication you need and what you should do in attack situations.  You also learn about the symptoms to watch out for to deal with your condition before it gets out of hand.

Always Have Your Inhaler

Inhalers are lifesavers when you are asthmatic. It gives you quick relief when you are having difficulties breathing. Always carry it everywhere you go in case the pollutants in the environment affect you. Even if you are not prone to attacks regularly, your inhaler should still be within your reach. 

Use a Peak Flow Meter

This is a portable device that clears your air passages when you are having trouble breathing.  You get to know how much air you are pushing out from your lungs. It can tell whether the ongoing treatment is useful.

Avoid Pets

Most asthmatic people are allergic to the fur on animal pets. Even though we love pets, they can stimulate an asthmatic attack. If you must have a pet, avoid close contact with it. Do not sleep next to your pet since its fur can affect your breathing. Keep it outside your home for your safety.

Know Your Triggers

Different triggers can affect your asthma. While some people cannot stand pollen from flowers, others are affected by air pollution. If air pollution is your trigger, avoid areas that are prone to excess dust. If you must be there, you can bring items such as handkerchiefs to cover your nose and mouth and an inhaler to be safe.

Stay away from flowers if pollen is affecting your breathing. Knowing what triggers will make you take preventive measures to cope with your condition.

Avoid Using Drugs

Smoking is the worst when you are asthmatic. You continue to damage your lungs and cause congestion on your air passage. Doctors say that passive smoking is also dangerous to asthmatic people. Therefore, stay away from chain smokers to avoid inhaling the smoke indirectly.

Other drugs such as alcohol and anti-anxiety pills like Xanax can also have negative impacts on you. Get help from rehab for Xanax to prevent drug addiction. Talk to your doctor if you are asthmatic before they prescribe Xanax for anxiety.

Maintain a Conducive Environment at Home

Our surroundings can affect our health conditions. With this condition, the house needs to be clean to prevent triggers such as dust. Get someone to help you clean the house by removing dirty carpets and using tiles to make the home not prone to dust.

A help can do the mopping or vacuum cleaning on a regular basis. Use a mask if there is nobody to help you clean. Choose vacuum cleaners that have filters to ensure that the air around the home remains clean. You should regularly change the filters.

Your bedding should also remain clean always. You don’t want to accumulate dirt from your bedding as you sleep. It can trigger an asthmatic attack.  You can use a cover on your mattress to keep dust mites away. These can stimulate allergic reactions since they are microscopic.

Check Your Weight

One study reported that obesity is related to asthma.  Eat healthy food that adds sufficient nutrients as you eliminate excess starch and sugars from your diet. They will prevent your heart from diseases and allow you to breathe accordingly.

Make Use of Management Tools

There are controller medicines that come in handy for asthmatic people. Always take your medication as instructed for the recommended period to get relief even if you are not experiencing attacks. Prevention has always been better than cure.  You will not forget or ignore them if they are part of your schedule.

Go for Flu Shots

Research has shown that asthmatic people are more prone to catching flu more than the rest. That is why flu shots are essential for you. In most states, these are conducted every year in specific areas. Attend them regularly and remain healthy.

Do not Exercise Alone

Exercising when you have asthma should be done under the supervision of someone who understands your medical history. This is because training increases your heart rate as well as your breathing. They need to ensure that you are breathing well as you train without triggering an attack.

It is not healthy to train in cold weather with this condition. You can develop coughs from training when the climate is not conducive for you. In as much as exercise is essential to keep the weight at bay, take precautions and don’t feel intimidated by supervision.

Regulate the Temperature from Your Evaporative Cooler

You may feel colder than other people in a room if you are asthmatic. This is normal and can be controlled by using an evaporative cooler. Maintain the right temperatures dust mites affect you. The humidity should not go beyond 50 percent.

Avoid Restaurant Dishes

Take more food from home than processed food from a restaurant. Sometimes, there is no telling what ingredients are used in restaurant dishes. Some of them may stimulate an allergic reaction which can cause an attack.  If you cook your food from home, you know what to use in favor of your condition.

Final Thoughts

Asthma does not have to be severe if you use these tips above. Coping is easy if you take preventive measures to control your condition. We wish you good health!