An Epicurean Tour For The Love Of Greece

An Epicurean tour for the love of Greece

Introduction to the epic Epicureans

Epicureans are people like you and me. No, of course, they do not belong to people of a certain culture or tribe if you were wondering. The word epicurean refers to people who take deep pleasure and are devoted to prime quality food and drinks. Since you are on this page it already means that you are a fan of good food and hence looking to plan for another Epicurean tour.

So can I call you an Epicurean now?

Epicurean – More than a food lover!

As a fun fact, Epicurus was a Greek philosopher who believed in the rule of no discrimination. He established a highly profound and intellectual university known to the world as Epicureanism. What is more epic than heading out to the area where this legend of Greek history had his roots in?

Roots of the Influential Epicurus

Epicurus had Athenian roots as both his parents belong to Athens. On my current Epicurean tour, I decided to head off to Athens. Athens is rich in flavors and versatile in variety. The history of food is related to people of Athens producing figs, olives, dairy, beans and bread.

Epicurean tour to Athens

Athens is a city of meats and fruits. Greek people love their food hence this beautiful city comprising of beaches, blue waters but most importantly food made from freshly picked ingredients. Traditionally, people enjoy their food cooked in light flavors. This is to bring out the natural flavor of the food instead of tasting the spices.

At an Epicurean tour, it is kind of compulsory for you to sample and taste what the culture of the country has to offer you. From divine grilled meat wrapped in warm pita bread to the scrumptious cream layered bougatsa, a lot is waiting for you in Greece!

Don’t miss what’s coming next.

The Famous Central Market

This historic market is famous for the diverse food range and rich impact on history. The central market Athens is unlike any other city. You will find the scent and taste of Greek history in this market. Make the visit to this market compulsory and a top priority on your Epicurean tour Athens. Experience the scent of Greek foods, pies and pastries while taking a walk in the market. Get to know the diversity in their cuisine with what they have to offer. The enthralling aroma of spices adding a touch to the air while the baker puts a pie in the oven.

What about Food?

Yes! We are getting to the food. Here are some of the famous dishes of Greece that you should miss out on. Don’t think of heading back without having a bite of Greek culture.


Moussaka is available throughout the Mediterranean in different varieties. The original and iconic Greek Moussaka comprises of minced lamb, aborigines, tomatoes, onion, garlic and a blend of classical Mediterranean spices is what you would want in traditional moussaka. A topping of the flavorsome cheese and béchamel sauce makes a perfect finish.


A Greek is recognized by the way he treats his meats. Greeks are famous for grilling and roasting. Bringing out the wholesome flavor of the meat with overpowering it with spices is the way to a perfect roast and Greeks know how to do it. Grilled and roasted meat along with warm pita bread and pickle is the perfect way for lunch.


What to do in a place filled with sparkling blue rivers? Go fishing!

Greeks know how to catch the perfect fish and transform it into a perfect meal. This adventure is a must-do. Catch fresh calamari and fish from the Mediterranean Sea. Obtain maximum flavor with minimum stress and touch on lemon juice with olive oil.

Feta Cheese

Come to Greece and don’t try the feta cheese? Oh no. But you must. Feta cheese that can be a delicacy in some areas is considered a common regular food item. Don’t forget to ask the shopkeepers to pull some out for you from the drums. Cheese pies and desserts are also very common.


Greeks have considered olives one of the most important parts of their cuisine and history. They have a belief that the god Athena gave Athens an olive tree as a return of the favours. Olives cured in a brine area part of an everyday meal. Olive oil is used commonly in salads and dressings. You can take olives out of Greece but you can never take a Greek out of olives.

Baklava – A sweet treat from Greek gods

Greeks have a sweet tooth a little different from ours. Instead of regular cakes and pastries, they tend to give their desserts a Mediterranean touch. Baklava is a sweet delicacy famous in Greece that comprises of a puff pastry filled with ground and crushed dried fruits and covered in a pure honey glaze. Several other variations have also been created but the iconic baklava with pistachio filling remains the favorite.

Vegetarian-Friendly Menu

Roasting and grilling are fun for us but we have to take care of the vegetarians out there too. The cuisine is supported vegetarian and comes in the vegetarian samples as well.

However, finding vegan, gluten and dairy-free is a little difficult as the food is rich in the content that some people are just not able to tolerate. Finding a good restaurant is the way to go in such situations.


It’s not all gods and myths

While the history of Greek gods, goddesses and their disciples’ mat remain a myth, the food certainly is not a myth. This Epicurean tour to Athens has been a success while I have been able to taste the delicacies that could never taste the same at home. Be it skewered kababs or honey-glazed pastries. Greece has won my heart in terms of culture and cuisine. Looking forward to exploring a lot more of this country that comprises of the most influential people, food and beauty.