American Club Pipe Tobacco Online – Classic, Light and Menthol Flavours

American Club Pipe Tobacco is one of the best tobacco brands that recorded a high demand from consumers worldwide.

You can buy premium and legitimate tobacco at a smoking shop near you. However, some countries enacted laws that make the flow of tobacco products much difficult.

Fortunately, technology has filled the gap for smokers to purchase tobacco products anywhere, anytime. And you can even buy American Club Pipe Tobacco online.

Advantages of Purchasing Pipe Tobacco Products Online

  • More Savings. Purchasing tobacco products online means more savings due to discount coupons offered by companies from time to time.
  • Price markdown is also prevalent online due to high competition. So, if you want to save more, you must only buy tobacco from a legitimate online store.
  • Research-Able. Another advantage of buying tobacco items online is that you have the chance to exploit the power of the internet to research.

You can browse from a wide selection of tobacco products online, and you can compare their respective features and edges by just a couple of clicks.

  • Of course, this is a major benefit of shopping tobacco online- convenience. You can purchase your favorite tobacco blend anytime and any day (24-7). Just place your order using your smartphone or computer and expect delivery based on your preferred date.
  • Time-Saver. Instead of going personally to the smoking shop, you’ll never waste time if you switch to buying online. You can hover to different websites and look for the perfect offerings that suit your needs and preferences. You will do all this product scrutiny at the comfort of your home.
  • Lesser Prices. Prices online are cheaper compared to regular offline stores. Lower prices online are attributed to lower cost of maintenance that online stores need to carry out on a regular basis.

For only a year, consumers would get $2.2 billion savings if all their purchase transactions are shifted online. Indeed, you don’t need to spend much if you purchase your favorite tobacco online.

3 Best-Selling American Club Pipe Tobacco Items 2019

  1. American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco (Classic). Affordability without compromising quality is the battle cry of American Club Blue 16oz Pipe Tobacco. This classic-tasting tobacco is made from the perfect blending of Virginia and Kentucky varieties. Kentucky tobaccos taste slightly nut-sweet while Virginia blend is popular due to its citrus-like and grassy after- taste.

Experience this refreshing tobacco on the pipe without worrying on tobacco hangover.

  1. American Club Green 16oz Pipe Tobacco (Menthol).

This variety is best to take anytime of the day. American Club Green capitalizes on a smooth menthol feel at the start followed by a sweet minty cut towards the end that your taste buds will surely crave.

  1. The American Club Green Pipe Tobacco is made from Virginia variety that’s known as one of the perfect seals after dinner. However, this pipe tobacco has been enhanced that you can smoke this in any occasion-day in and day out.
  2. American Club Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco (Light). If what you want is the light classic tobacco feel, then the American Club Red 16oz Pipe Tobacco is the right item for you.

This pipe tobacco is made from combining long-aged Virginia and burly (Kentucky) tobaccos that produce a non-smelling smoke.

Thus, this variety is not irritating, both for the smoker and the people that surround. You can use this anytime of the day as well as its rich and bold flavor will always leave you refreshed and relaxed.

This non-frilling tobacco is also slow-burning, so you can get the full enjoyment of watching the smoke coming out from the pipe or paper roll.

Benefits of Smoking Tobaccos in Pipe

  1. Low Mortality Rate. If you prefer to smoke tobacco using a pipe, you’ll live longer. This is a fact, according to the US Surgeon General report (Smoking and Health, no. 1103, page 92). Based on the said report, US citizens who have been using pipe tobaccos recorded 0.8 mortality ratio compared to smoke inhalers (not using pipe) that’s 1.0.
  2. More Natural. If you use pipe tobacco, you’ll spare yourself from inhaling an overwhelming amount of toxic chemicals that are present in cigarettes. Harmful chemicals from cigarettes include (but not limited) hydrogen cyanide, ammonia, benzene, and uranium (a radioactive element).
  3. Extra Savings. You’ll also save a lot if you buy pipe tobacco since it has lesser tax compared to other tobacco products.

You’ll not need sophisticated tools or equipment in using pipe tobacco: a lighter, cheap pipe and your favorite pipe blend are enough.

Indeed, using premium-grade pipe tobacco such as the American Club Pipe Tobacco brings more positive effects to your life.

So, if you are willing to enjoy these benefits, buy an American Club Pipe Tobacco online now.