American Club Pipe Tobacco – A Mixture of both Kentucky and Virginia Tobacco Blends

Finding the premium blend tobacco is not easy due to the intrusion of hybrid, synthetic, and hoax cigarettes in the market today.

However, if you want to purchase the tried and tested brand, purchasing American Club Pipe Tobacco will never get you wrong.

What is American Club Pipe Tobacco

American Club Pipe Tobacco is known as the only brand that perfectly combined the famous Virginia and Kentucky tobacco blends.

Virginia tobacco is known to provide a distinct neutral taste and renowned for its ‘good burning’ characteristic.

This breed of tobacco is also deemed as a ‘healthier’ brand since it contains lesser nicotine compared to the other blends.

Large leaves with color ranging from light gold to orange set Virginia tobacco different from others.

You could produce the perfect Virginia blend only if you perfected the meticulous curing process over a steady and gentle fire.

Another premium-class tobacco is from Kentucky.

Kentucky tobacco is characterized by mild floral taste, rich aroma, and slimmer leaf texture.

You can get these positive attributes plus more when you try the American Club Pipe Tobacco.

Top Benefits of Smoking Tobaccos

Since you already knew that American Club Pipe Tobacco could suffice your tobacco craves, it’s also best for you to know the benefits of smoking tobacco.

Protection from Parkinson’s.

A study confirmed that smoking cigarette significantly lowers the risk of getting Parkinson’s disease.

It was found out that long-time smokers got 73-percent lesser chance of developing Parkinson’s disease even at the latter age.

Meanwhile, if you just quit smoking, you can still get a 22 percent lower risk of suffering from the said degenerative disorder.

Prevents Obesity.

Smoking suppresses appetite; thus, it is a very good tool to lose weight and prevents the risk of becoming obese. This positive effect of tobacco is mainly attributed to the nicotine content of a cigarette.

Also, nicotine is known to induce a sudden mood swing that results in alteration of human’s sleep-eating pattern that also constitutes losing weights in the long run.

Lowers Fatality Risk of Heart Attack.

If you are a smoker, there’s a big chance of survival after you suffer from a heart attack.

Based on reports, people who smoke for an extended period responded well in angioplasty and fibrinolytic therapy, which are two of the primary treatments to resolve heart-related diseases.

Activates the Heart Drug Clopidogrel.

In the October 2010 released of the Thrombosis Research journal, Korean researchers revealed the direct relationship of smoking to activating the heart drug known as Clopidogrel.

At least ten sticks of cigarettes a day could help much in making the body’s cytochromes active, which will also trigger the activation of Clopidogrel.

If you are now convinced with the positive effects of tobacco and wants to know how to determine the premium blend, read the following hints.

4 Hints of Spotting the Best Tobacco Blend


If you find a tobacco brand that’s been produced by hands, you must purchase it. Hand-made tobaccos always induce organic scent and taste in every sip of smoke. Also, make sure that the tobacco was rolled with their full leaf intact to ensure crisp in its aroma.


Another factor to consider to find the best blend is the aroma or scent. If you can look for sweet-smelling tobacco, then so much the better. However, in the absence of sweet-smelling variants, check for some woodier smelling tobacco as an alternative.


Try to find a tobacco flavor that’s capable of toning down the woodiness and spiciness of cigarettes. Also, make sure that the tobacco that you’ll buy is not so strong that it can leave an after taste to your tongue. The key here is to stick to the organic flavor of tobacco. Going back to the basic taste preference would be of great help.

Nicotine Strength.

No one will dispute that nicotine in higher concentration is detrimental to one’s health.

You can use a nicotine level chart for a quick reference on the right amount of nicotine that your body must get (depends on the health status of the smoker).

Just only make sure that you do not use a variety with too-low nicotine content since it will eventually lead to ‘smoke compensation’. Smoke compensation means that you’ll take more tobacco sticks to compensate the nicotine urge of your body.

These are the information that will help you in finding the best blend of tobacco.

Remember that choosing the best tobacco blend depends on your capacity to decipher.

If you have recommendations, suggestions, and opinions, just leave a comment below.