A Precise Guide to Online Test Proctoring

Online test proctoring is becoming the next big thing in the community of education. Nowadays, more and more professionals are looking for ways to get ahead in this cutthroat competition. And, more institutions are investing in systems and solutions which would help them to achieve their goals with less hassle. Online test proctoring offers the individual an opportunity to sit for tests with the help of proctored testing centers, conveniently anywhere and anytime. They just need a webcam and computer to proceed with the proctored testing centers.


The online proctoring is a special form of assessment which allows the student to take exams from any place with minimum hassle. The test is being administered by an authorized human proctor who is responsible for supervising the student while he or she is taking the exam. His or her responsibility is to make sure the integrity of the exam remains intact. If you’re thinking about taking up any eLearning course then you’ll have to take at least one online proctored test. During the exam, a software will be used to allow the participants to sit for exams at wherever they want to as long as the exam is free from fraud or any form of cheating. There are three types of online test proctoring:

Live Proctoring-This form is more like a real-life exam setting where an online human proctor is present while you take the test. The proctor can intervene whenever he sees anything unusual things just like in a real-life exam scenario. But before booking the exam date you need to see if there’s any proctor available that day.

Automated Proctoring-In this form a software is being used in order to detect any unusual activity or possible fraud. Additionally, the software can also detect whether any other software is being used or any other’s presence in the room. In any such case, the proctor is notified to take action against such unusual event and he can always review them.

Subsequent Proctoring-In this form, images, and logs in the proctored testing centers are being captured for further review later on. While the individual is giving the test, everything is being recorded for future, so that the proctor would be able to evaluate them in order ensure the authenticity of the exam. For this kind of proctoring, you can sit for the test any time without any prior booking or scheduling.

The Benefits of Online Test Proctoring:

The greatest advantage of online proctoring is it has made education global. Now people from all walks of life can study online courses. Online proctoring service is a big boon in the educational community and eLearning industry. Regardless of the location now anyone can sit for the same test without any further traveling expenses which is why it has gained much more popularity.

If you’re in search of greater flexibility then online proctoring is the answer. The ability to take tests at different locations and a different time is just great. This gives the individual full power to take tests at their convenience.