A More Feminist Appeal: 9 Women’s Watches For An Unusual Fashion

Unique and stunning fashion when it comes to timepieces are now becoming a hot trend nowadays. You cannot go, walking on the sidewalk, shopping at the malls, attending a party, or going out for a day with your favorite watch on your wrist. It became an essential of your daily fashion that can even express who you truly are. In fact, some people own a collection of various watches as it is a significant source of their happiness. 

Not just for fashion, but watches are also vital for everyday errands. It serves as your primary tool in monitoring your day, checking schedules, and even setting up a meeting. There are billions of watches out there that speak what really fashion is all about.  Online markets and shops can offer you numerous exceptional selections of timepieces that are worth your dollars. Some of them are the following:

Emporio Armani

This Italian style deserves a proper spot of your treasured collection because of its perfect resemblance to beauty and supremacy. The brand promises you a timeless accessory bound to create an ideal fashion of the century. 

Omega Constellation Manhattan Co‑Axial Master

Omega’s perfection extends its exceptionality by introducing various timepieces with chic and ready-to-go fashion designs. The brand is not just renowned for producing iconic men’s watches like Omega Speedmaster; its popularity also increases after presenting Constellation Manhattan Co‑Axial Master. The watch has an 18 kt Sedna gold case that will surely satisfy every woman’s fashion delights. 


If the typical, plain, and dull watches in the market make you bored, you should try something new that will put some rainbows into your wrist. Coach assures you to have that. This iconic American fashion sets a standard on what a superb should be. With its modern and youthful-like aesthetics, surely, it will be one of the most valuable watches throughout your whole existence. 

Christian Dior

If you are seeking an exceptional luxury to put something different in your wrist, you don’t have to look in the horizon as Christian Dior will surely hook your eyes immediately because of its exceptional quality and excellent feminine designs. Its impeccable style fits the modern feminist preference of fashion. The exact definition of glamour will all be yours. 


The brand extended its excellency from clothes to various accessories. We can acknowledge its success as the name of the company spreads worldwide. Now, the brand not just boasts its excellent quality of fabric and clothes, but it also reigns in terms of producing high-quality timepieces that are worth your penny. 


If you aspire to have a stunning look, better go with Furla. The brand is proud of its unique, stylish straps and incredible faces that make it stand out from the rest. This fits women who are aiming for a perfect Italian glamour. With its chic design and double-wrap bracelets, your definition of perfection and durability will change. 


This timepiece collection highlights its very modern sense of fashion. With its wearable style, you can have a perfect ready-to-go look. When it comes to an iconic Italian appeal, this is one of the ideal collections you should have in your room. You will not ask for more as it offers you everything you are looking for a tremendous feminist luxury. 

Just Cavalli

Who says that Italian fashions are only for clothes? Just Cavalli didn’t settle for less. The brands strive harder to achieve the perfect piece of accessory. They prove that the Italian signature also reigns in producing fabulous timepieces of all time. The sexy aesthetics and its bold appearance are telling everyone who should set the standard. Its supremacy is yelling. 


DKNY proudly presents its New York-like appeal with a perfect resemblance of minimalism and elegance in a modern perspective. Its stunning beauty can be paired with any outfits you want to brag for the day. 


Confidence starts with a great sense of fashion. How you handle and pursue your own style always matters. It speaks a lot about you. Italian, New York, French, or whatever taste of fashion you have, it somehow reflects your personality. If you are still currently seeking a particular fashion, the list of watches mentioned above will surely help you find your place. Deciding to be unusual every day is always a great choice to live your life fully.