9 Regretful Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Collision

Cars are far more different than you think, and Carsurance illustrates it perfectly in its infographic. Some have better safety histories while others are inherently more susceptible to damage. Auto insurers know these disparities very well, which is why they are biased toward certain motor vehicles when charging premiums.

But what is more complicated than cars are the drivers. Without the intention of sounding judgemental, misbehaving motorists cause many traffic fatalities. The sad part is that responsible drivers are not immune to car crash involvement despite making an effort to keep other road users safe.

Encountering a collision is sometimes out of your hands, but what you can control, though, is what you do after the accident. Although nothing can ever truly prepare you for such a horrific event, avoiding the following blunders can keep a bad situation from getting worse:

1.    Saying That It Is Your Fault

Rule number one is never to admit fault. Even if you think that you are, and you have a good reason to believe so, you do not know. You are also not in the position to say who is guilty of what.

There could be other factors that contributed to the crash not known to you at the beginning. It is always possible that both drivers are at fault even when the wreck paints a different picture. You should not even say sorry; just let the investigation run its course.

2.    Resolving the Situation Without the Police

Speaking of the investigation, inform respective authorities about the car crash. The other party may advise you against it, but it is imperative to call the police so that a report can be written about the incident.

The police report is essential evidence explaining what happened. Get a copy of it to strengthen your case when you file an insurance claim.

3.    Failing to Get the Other Driver’s Information

Even a fender bender merits an exchange of information between the interested parties involved in an accident. You may not feel any pain at the time of the crash because of the adrenaline. It is not uncommon for vehicle accident injury to present itself later, so it matters to get the identity of the other driver to protect your health, finances, and legal rights.

4.    Getting Incorrect Details

Use your phone to avoid misspellings and false information. Take clear pictures of all the documents the other driver presents to keep everything you need on file. Digital images are more comfortable to store, transfer, and reproduce, so use technology to your advantage.

5.    Forgetting to Take Pictures of the Scene

Your words do not carry weight, especially when filing an insurance claim. If it is safe to do so, take snapshots of the crash scene to preserve its look as it is where all crucial pieces of evidence are still untouched and in place.

6.    Skipping a Trip to the Hospital

It is a must to seek medical attention immediately after the collision. The absence of scratches does not necessarily mean you are unaffected by the crash. Some injuries do not appear until several hours after the incident.

Furthermore, ask your doctor to document all of the health problems you sustained in the accident to supplement your claim with credible proof.

7.    Going to a Wrong Doctor

Getting examined by a doctor is one thing, but receiving treatment from a wrong physician is another. A less qualified healthcare professional may even refer you to a specialist, for not all doctors are comfortable diagnosing soft tissue injuries a car crash victim may have.

8.    Dealing With an Insurance Adjuster on Your Own

Your insurer is not your friend. As heartless as it may sound, an auto insurance company thinks about its bottom line above all. It may explore all avenues to pay you as less money as possible while playing by the rules.

With this reality, you should not settle your case with the insurance adjuster on your own. This professional may not have your best interests in mind, so get legal representation to ensure that you get adequately compensated.

9.    Using an Unqualified Lawyer

Attorneys are not equal, and most of them are not adept in car crash cases. Hiring a qualified lawyer gives you the strongest fighting chance to receive the highest insurance payment.

Getting involved in an accident could be just the beginning of a series of unfortunate events. There is no way to undo a crash, but you no longer need to suffer after the collision because of a denied insurance claim or low compensation.