8 Lesser-known Yet Interesting Facts About E-Learning!

Learning has now become quite popular, with most people learning through electronic sources than from books. Quite impressively, it has become a huge part of our daily life, luring people to interact and learn from them.

Maybe you have just read an interesting thing in the newspaper and want to get more information on it. Or perhaps, you have read a non-fiction book and wanted to look online for more information; the reason can be any.

Here are a few hidden facts to state how e-learning is influencing the lives of learners:

E-Learners Have The Insatiable Thirst For Learning:

E-learners are the adept professionals who want to soak the information and embark upon the latest educational adventure. They don’t just count on the basics. Instead, they go above and beyond to gather as much information as they can. They look for opportunities beyond procrastination and are always in learning mode.

These Professionals Are Self-Starters:

E-learning best practices by professionals are determined and dedicated; they can remain focused from the distractions and don’t have to wait around for the instructions. Besides, the e-learning professionals know that there are challenges and a significant time commitment, but they welcome the challenges and try to adhere to the needs of learners and clients.

Micro E-Learning Modules Offer Better Learning:

Microlearning means delivering the learning content in the pattern of information morsels.  In this, the content is divided into small chunks of information, each of 10 minutes duration. Besides. Microlearning modules can be accessed on Smartphones, tablets, and PCs, making learning easy and accessible for busy learners.

E-Learning Is Cost Effective:

E-learning reduces training cost, which includes instructional costs, travel, food, and other expenses, making it a cost-effective approach for every organization. In a report from IBM, they claimed that they had delivered five time training at one-third training cost.

The LMSs Is Growing:

Since organizations need to assign courses to the learners, track their progress and want reports about their training programs, the LMS software will help them to do everything. With online scheduling and tracking, companies will be able to put an eye on these tasks with ease. Plus, the reports are generated online, there will not be any discrepancies between them.

The Demand Of Game Learning Is Increasing:

Many organizations are incorporating game-based learning to increase engagement and to help employees overcome stress. Some companies have also included Leaderboards to put up game scores generated by the employees.

Video-Based Learning Has Taken A Feverish Pace:

Video-based learning has now become a very crucial thing in the eLearning, as videos can connect people easily and are more engaging than non-video learning. Also, they are ideal for demonstrating projects and imparting other soft skills.

Elearners Can Wear Many Hats At Once:

While classroom study is just confined to one subject, E-learning professionals can learn many things at once. Be it writing copy, narrating audio, and developing the navigation flow of work; the e-learning courses professionals can do everything with ease.

Technology is evolving, and more learners recognize the value of e-learning. Get on the above facts and know the importance of learning this way!