6 Delayed Symptoms You Need to Look for after a Car Accident

After a car accident it is quite common to feel shock, feel confused and at times, you might even not notice being injured. There are a large variety of post car accident symptoms that can take days or even weeks to manifest. Althought you might feel okay after the accident, there are some important symptoms that should certainly be taken seriously.

Keep reading to find out the 6 delayed symptoms you need to look for a car accident.

  1. Headaches are extremely common

Considered amongst one of the most common symptoms following a car accident, Headaches can sure be a cause of concern. Although you might not experience pain or discomfort straightway but this might manifest up the following morning, or days or even weeks following the accident. You can experience headaches for a number of reasons, such as vision issues, or even tension headaches. A variety of reasons exist for headaches after a car accident, some of which are


Dealing with the post trivialities following a car accident can be quite an overwhelming task. There are insurance claims that need to be filed, car repairs to be looked after, expenses such as medical bills, repair bills to be filled. With such a lot going on it is quite common to develop a tension headache.


A concussion is a very serious medical condition and requires immediate attention from a healthcare professional. Following are a list of symptoms that can start out from a concussion

  • Blurred vision
  • Nausea or fatigue
  • Being extra sensitive to light or noise triggers
  • Changes in mood, sleep patterns and even appetite

Concussions can cause long term effects that can be certainly a cause for concern.

  1. Whiplash

For most whiplash symptoms can be the same as a concussion. The sudden movement or force can cause the muscles and tendons in your neck to stretch beyond their limit.

Your body’s ligaments, joints, nerves and even spinal discs can also be injured during a car accident. While you may not feel the pain immediately but afterwards once you settle back in your routine you might feel discomfort or even experience neck pain after car accident.

Some other symptoms of Whiplash include

  • lightheadedness
  • exhaustion
  • pain in your shoulders, neck or head
  • sore muscles
  • hazy or double vision
  • limited mobility

Although whiplash can often take some time to be diagnosed, you should be aware of all the possible symptoms to look out for.

  1. Neck and shoulders pain

Neck pain after car accident is something very common and a lot of people complain about it. Neck and shoulder can manifest for a couple of reasons.

  • anxiety and tension
  • damage to the nerves
  • injury to the muscles, tendons
  • Severe tissue damage

Neck and shoulder pain are amongst the most frequently complained about symptoms that stem from whiplash, concussions, serious concerns that you should never ignore under any circumstances.

  1. Changes in appetite and sleep patterns

Loss of appetite isn’t something unheard of in relation to symptoms that follow a car accident. This can be caused because of a variety of reasons, such as stress, stomach issues or mood changes such as anxiety and depression.

If you feel like you’re eating pattern isn’t what it used to be, then it is advisable to consult with your health care professional. They will look into you problem in detail and maybe even refer you to a nutritionist, who will definitely be able to help you get your appetite back to normal.

On the other hand, emotional or stress eating can also be another symptom that stems from the after affects of a car accident. If you feel that you are struggling with eating too much and not being able to control yourself, talk to someone that you trust such as close family and friends. Someone that you believe will be able to help you process those emotions in a healthier way. If you feel your problem is much more severe then you should consider talking to a professional.

Problems in sleeping such as interrupted sleep, insomnia or even pain in your sleep, nightmares, and night terrors can also affect your sleep and disrupt your whole day.

  1. Discoloration or bruising on skin

Bruises resulting from a car accident might not show immediately. It can take anything from a few hours to even several days for blood to seep from your broken vessel to the surface of your skin. There is even a chance that you might have bruised your internal organs, tissue and even bones but these might not show up immediately and take some time to actually resurface.

  1. Feeling of Stiffness or experience Swelling

Feeling as if your body is stiff or experiencing swelling are also counted amongst the common symptoms a person experiences after a car accident, although it may take anything from hours to days for their symptoms to develop. Sprained or pulled muscles as well as damaged tissues when start to heal can cause the surrounding area to swell up. This can cause mild or extreme discomfort, depending on the type of injury. The swelling can also result in stiffness in that particular area and even limit your ability to move.

In order to deal with these issues, you might even need to consult a physiotherapist or chiropractor.


Subsequent to a car accident you have to make sure that you pay extra notice to note down any symptoms that you or others included in the accident with you experience. Even if the symptoms don’t become obvious immediately after the accident. Protecting and making sure that both you and your loved ones stay healthy and safe is the most crucial thing you need to look after following an accident. This not only means seeking medical attention but looking for good and practical legal advice is also pivotal in case of an accident.