5 Unique Gift Ideas for Cat Lovers in 2019

5 Gifts For Cat Lovers

5 Gifts For Cat Lovers | The cat mommy or daddy will never have enough of their cats. While they may or may not have put an end to their shopping of cat-related stuff, you are just starting. So when the ailurophile aka cat lover in the office, clique, or family has a milestone worth celebrating, it pays to know where to find gifts for cat lovers you can give all year round.

Shopping for the Feline

Shouldn’t you be shopping for the cat person and not for the cat? In truth, anything you give for the cat would certainly make the cat parent happy. If you feel extra generous, go ahead and give our little kitties a year’s supply of organic cat food. Well, you don’t really have to go that far. We do love a few cat gear that we couldn’t bring upon ourselves to buy because of other priorities.

  1. Multi-Storey Cat Tree

You know what we cat lovers would appreciate? We’d love a good perch or cat tree with a scratching post. Our couches and rugs have long looked pre-loved because our beloved cats simply love to buff their nails with those. If we were a new cat mum or dad, we’d definitely get a hold on one of these the moment our kittens arrive.

But, chances are your cat-loving friend still hasn’t purchased one. It’s a luxury item many of us skip for the sake of regular vet check-ups and all the cat necessities. Don’t get me wrong. We think a cat scratching post is a necessity. We just don’t have the budget for that.

  1. Cat Essentials

If by chance you’ve seen a cat tree at your friend’s apartment, you can still buy the little kitty a pet bed and throw in some catnip. A sturdy pet kennel that checked all the boxes for most cat parents should also serve us for years to come. Oh and don’t discount the essentials like a kitty litter box that keep all the dirt in one place or a heated kitty shelter for our little furballs.

  1. Cat Decor

Now let’s turn the cat lady’s house into a cat bonanza with decorative items with cats printed all over. Check out cat sculptures or a cat-shaped glow lamp for your feline-loving friend. Then look to see what the cats will do upon the sight of the new “invaders” stealing the spotlight in their cat mum and dad’s eyes.

  1. Cat Board Game

On a Friday or Saturday night, visit your friend and bring a cat-inspired board game along with a bottle of wine and pizza. If they are more of the introvert type, give them a Chicken Soup kind of book for cat lovers instead.

  1. Cute cat apparel

If the cat parent is a family member or a close friend and you know their size, you can go ahead and purchase a Cat Mom or Dad shirt for them. There are so many tees with funny cat puns printed on them.

When giving a gift to an associate, you can never go wrong with stretch socks for all sizes. Colorful socks with cute cat prints are greatly appreciated during feline cuddle moments. For young trendsetters, consider cat-eye aviators, a cat-inspired one-piece suit, or cat ears headband. Happy shopping!