5 Reasons Why We Love Cats

How to explain this immoderate love for Persians, Siamese, Abyssinians, Maine coon, gutter cat, kittens and big cats? What attracts cat owners around the world?

Cat lovers know it: these animals do good! It is no coincidence that in the big cities, cat bars are multiplying. They are an oasis of calm and inner peace. With a cat purring on the knees, we relax, and we quickly feel that everything is better! But what superpowers does this animal have?

1- Cats makes people happier

The contact of a dog, a horse or a dwarf rabbit can also increase our well-being. This is the very foundation of pet therapy.

Cats are not the only animals to do us good, but it has a particular advantage: The sound waves that the cat emits by purring trigger the production of the four hormones of happiness (serotonin, endorphin, dopamine and oxytocin) in his brain. They have a self-soothing and self-healing impact on the animal.

2- Videos and photos about famous cats are irresistible

People are attracted to this type of original, authentic and even strange content, ranging from a tender kitten feeding, to a very particular cat playing the piano with a serious face. This is where we realize that whatever they do, they have their audience waiting. Even cat hoodies are available on the market.

Cats are lonely, and usually share their time with other cats only at certain times, which really catches the attention of those who follow them on their different social networks.

Dogs may be the heroes in the movies, but cats are the kings of YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, to the point of becoming famous cats. They have accounts with a large number of followers, and the basis of their content is really interesting and somewhat unpredictable, which leads us to analyze and think, what is the secret of this success?

3- Cats distress people

Several studies also highlight the fact that cat owners would be in better physical shape and go up to five times less to the doctor. Why? According to vets it is undoubtedly the result of a pyramidal effect. In contact with the purring cat, our brain releases endorphins and our levels of cortisol and adrenaline (stress hormones) drop. The state of anxiety decreases, which allows to have a shorter breathing.

4- Cats give more freedom

In a social organization where work and leisure alternate, caring for a cat is less important than taking care of a dog. A cat does not need to be wandered twice a day and he has to endure a weekend at home alone (all he needs is a supply of water and kibble) \. An autonomy that leaves more free time in everyday life.

5- Easier to cohabitate in a building

Another advantage of the cat: it is easier to live in town. It does not have his needs on the sidewalks and does not bark when masters are absent. In essence, it hinders less.