4 Loyalty-Program Ideas to Keep Your Customers Happy

About 60 percent of consumers say that getting surprised with offers or gifts for being customers is the most important way they interact with a brand, says Merkel HelloWorld. This goes to show how important it is for businesses to have their own customer loyalty programs.

Loyalty programs reward not only your customers but also your business. How? First, they encourage customers to return repeatedly because they know they’re going to receive rewards by patronizing your business.

A customer-loyalty program also allows you to build relationships with your customers, which you need to do to gain their loyalty and trust. Finally, a loyalty program helps your bottom line. These are more reasons to establish your own loyalty programs, but these three are the most compelling ones.

If you’re thinking of starting a loyalty program, here are a few ideas that will keep your customers happy.

Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards or memberships are used by many businesses to reward and retain customers. It’s simple yet effective. Every time a customer makes a purchase, they can earn points if they have a loyalty card or membership. Then, they can exchange those points for products or services.

Many consumers will go out of their way to purchase from a business where they can get rewarded simply by being customers.

Since loyalty card programs require you to register for a membership, they allow businesses to gather customer data to help improve their service and every buyer’s shopping experience.

Free Gifts

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Consumers certainly love them, so much so that they will be willing to make unplanned purchases based on free offers, coupons, or gifts. Gifts can attract attention and entice customers to return and make another purchase.

Giving away gifts can also work when promoting a new product by making it more exciting and rewarding for customers.

Whether it’s a gift or an actual product, packaging plays a major role in building customers’ positive feelings for an item. Invest in the right custom product packaging to entice customers to try your products.

Rewards for Referrals

Word of mouth remains the most effective method of marketing existing today, which is why referrals are incredibly variable. Incentivize your loyal customers to refer family and friends to your shop and gain valuable new customers. These people are likely to trust the recommendation of their family or friends than the flowery words of marketers.

In exchange for referring people they know, you can give away discount coupons, free shipping vouchers, points, or gifts. This will encourage existing customers to invite more people and subtly urge them to buy more.

Customer Feedback for Incentives

 Authentic customer feedback in the form or reviews and surveys can be the backbone of your brand, especially when you’re only starting out. That’s why it’s immensely important to encourage customers to leave a review after making a purchase.

People are more likely to leave helpful reviews if they know they’re getting something for their efforts. You provide rewards to customers who rate, review, and leave a photo of their experience with your store.

The Bottom Line

 Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and you should do everything to make sure you have a healthy flow of buyers supporting your business. Loyalty programs have been proven effective in making customers happy and more likely to return to your business. Starting your own loyalty program also shows your commitment to your customers and increase the reputation of your brand.