Top 3 Best Vlogging Editing Apps for Youtubers

For professional filmmakers or youtubers, editing videos is often done on expensive computers with strong configurations.

However, not everyone has the conditions to equip such a powerful computer. And when youtubers’ editing needs aren’t too picky (making sales videos, product ads, news – reports …),

Vlogging Editing Apps on the phone will be the best solution. In this article, we introduce you to a list of Top 3 best vlogging editing apps.

Read below!

1. iMovie

What is iMovie? It is a mobile version of Apple’s first-party video editing software. This is a great application on the iPhone when it allows you to view, edit and export videos. With iMovie, what can you do?

Watch and share videos in a whole new way

iMovie c allows you to watch videos easily with full-screen mode.

If you want to share a small part of the video with a friend, you can send it via Mail or iMessage quickly in the app.

You can Create a demo video (Trailer)

Create Hollywood-style movie videos. iMovie offers many interesting video samples. To create a trailer, you can add your own icon, name, or even the images you want.

 If you like, you can even record videos or voiceover right in iMovie, so you don’t need to leave the app.

However, if you want to have a good audio when recording sound, you should use a good external microphone, such as lapel microphone or shotgun microphone for smartphones.

Features and editing

iMovie allows you to use 3D Touch features (iPhone 6 and above) for quick editing.

iMovie offers 10 video filters designed by Apple for you to choose. It will be great when you apply them to your video.

With iMovie and compatible iOS devices, you can add slow, fast motion effects, add images, and split the screen.

If you are using an iPad, you can connect the keyboard and use simple shortcuts for quick editing.

Easily switch Project between different devices

iMovie for iOS lets you easily transfer your videos between iPhone and iPad using AirDrop or iCloud Drive. If you want your work to be faster, you can transfer it to a Mac computer so you can edit it with the computer version.

If you like, you can also use AirPlay to stream your movie or movie footage directly to your HDTV with Apple TV (2nd generation and above).

With iMovie, youtubers can upload their work to YouTube (4K support is available on iPhone 6s and above) or 1080p60.

Depending on your purpose, you can also share your video directly with Facebook and Vimeo.

Constantly updated

The new update takes full advantage of the beautiful 5.8-inch OLED display of the iPhone X, eliminating unpleasant black bars.

Moreover, this app is completely free.

You can download it:

2. PowerDirector

Next, we move to PowerDirector, one of the best video editing software for Android. If you are a Youtuber, you should use this software!

PowerDirector software is only about 600MB and this is very amazing with a video editing software on the phone. You can download it to try it, especially it supports low configuration machine, rending is faster than you imagine lol.

So, we will learn about the advantages of this app:

Modern interface

It has an easy-to-use and intuitive interface. As soon as you look at the PowerDirector interface, you know that it is professional. You can quickly arrange, cut and edit videos easily on time-line. Your video will be more interesting with transition effects, slow motion, color filters and many pre-designed header templates.

Green font separation feature

PowerDirector has a professional green font separation feature like on computer software. You can replace wallpapers as the way professional Studios do.

Create video from photos and improve the sound

This software also has the ability to quickly create a photo slide from the library, very convenient for those who need to create video from photos. This feature is very useful for Youtubers whenever they want to create a video to advertise a tournament or an event. Moreover, you can also record voice and edit directly, improve the sound quality in the video.

Video quality

PowerDirector can handle 4K video but you have to pay to export 4K or 1080 HD video. However, you can export HD720 videos for free, so it’s good enough if you only need to share videos on Youtube, Facebook or other social networks …

With professionalism and quality, you have to pay to download this app.

Download it:

3. KineMaster

With the final app called KineMaster, we have a great one that can be used on both Android and iOS operating systems.

Easy-to-use interface

With a very professional and easy-to-use interface, KineMaster allows cutting, editing video and audio exactly to each frame. In particular, before importing videos into the project, you can quickly see the content of these clips (just like on Adobe Premiere CC).

The customization of editing is amazing!

The application allows creating two video layers and unlimited layers of text and images if needed. You can add up to four audio tracks to help you mix music, sounds, comments … as easy as making movies on your computer. This is an excellent feature that I believe any YouTuber will like. It makes their videos more impressive, more attractive, unique, and different from the rest.

You can record directly as a narrative program

Kinemaster is a full-featured software for audio processing. Thanks to supporting many different audio formats, you will not have trouble using music or audio downloaded from the internet. Besides, the application also allows you to record directly as a narrative program. This is also one of the features that Youtubers regularly uses.

Fully functional on color customization

The custom color tools in this software are also quite diverse. You can add color filters, adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of the image … and another feature that is indispensable in a professional video editing software, which is handling green fonts.

Download the iOS version:

Download the Android version:

To sum up

For Youtubers, they can do any videos at any time. When they are walking in the park, when they attend the event, when they travel … And to bring a bulky computer for video customization is impossible.

It’s great when Youtubers has custom video applications on the phone. With the 3 apps I mentioned above, I hope you will create interesting videos even if you are not a YouTuber!