25 Best Small-Business Apps

Great business apps help increase productivity and can make the life of a small-business owner easier. Being a small business owner involves taking many roles together; accountant, manager, communicator, etc. But with the vast number of apps now available, you can now increase your organization and productivity. Just get a good business app.

It can be stressful to start going through all available options one after the other, and that’s why we’ve helped you come up with a list of 25 best business apps in categories. For more information about them, check them out online.

Great Finance And Accounting Apps

To organize your business’s financial tasks, including taxes and payrolls, and provide you a clear and detailed picture of your company’s financial health, use GUSTO, QUICKBOOKS, FRESHBOOKS, WAVE. They help make all accounting processes easier, organized, and they can be a great finance assignment help if you are a student. Here is the List of Finance and Accounting apps.

   1. GUSTO



   4. WAVE

Great Communication Apps For Businesses

You don’t want to miss out on communication, especially in times like this. Effective communication is critical and very important for the daily operations of businesses. Here are some of the best apps to improve your company’s productivity through communication,

   5. ADDAPPT,

   6. FUZE,


   8. SLACK

   9. SKYPE

Great Time Management Apps For Businesses

Time is your most valuable asset. ‘Time is wealth,’ they say. Therefore, planning how each day will go will have a better effect on your business productivity. These are the best time- management apps to help you organize your schedule and stay focused on the tasks at hand,




   13. TRIPIT.

Great Mobile Payment Apps For Businesses

Most people now use apps to make online payments; therefore, your customers need to be able to pay to you through apps on their phones. And for that to happen, you need accounts on a mobile payment app. The following are two of the top payment apps that will allow your business to accept payments from customers on the go, and also track your business expenses,

   14. PAYPAL

   15. SQUARE.

Great Organization Apps For Businesses

The organization is also key in business, so to stay on top of all of your responsibilities and tasks at work. These are the top business apps for organization. Here is the list.

   16. ASANA

   17. PROVEN

   18. BOXMEUP


   20. TRELLO


Business apps can help you stay on track with the activities within your business venture. Others that weren’t mentioned but are also great and effective business apps are EXPENSIFY, DROPBOX, MAILCHIMP, and POLARIS OFFICE.

   22. EXPENSIFY makes keeping track of business trip expenses more convenient.

   23. DROPBOX makes it possible to share and store files. It’s especially useful for businesses that need a verified method to share information with others.

  24. MAILCHIMP helps create and manage mailing lists and newsletters. It can also send the newsletters to your customer’s mails   POLARIS OFFICE is an awesome and effective alternative to Apple’s iWork. It lets you create and edit. You can also sync files from device or phone with this app.