How to make your Facebook and Instagram posts interesting

Digital Marketing

When it comes to creating posts for Facebook and Instagram, you have to be spot on with your content and visuals. If you are marketing your own business or you are a social media marketer by profession, you would know the importance of reach and how your postings are the only medium of getting it.

From the start of social media marketing, many have tried out different things in their postings to know which is working most. The trends and norms of making Facebook and Instagram posts are changing according to the Facebook algorithm.

After the years of social media marketing, the professionals and experts have driven out some ways to make Facebook and Instagram posts interesting through which you will not have to buy active Instagram views for engagement. Some of them are listed below.

Start with a question

You are reading this post because you have failed in engaging people through your Facebook and Instagram posts and want to make it interesting. So start with asking a question. But be careful while getting direct. Every business target market varies and you cannot keep the things constant while driving such questions. Furthermore, you also have to consider the type of question you are asking. Your question should not be open-ended and easy enough that more and more people can answer it. Start with the question and see the magic.

Divide postings into campaigns

Instead of just choosing your postings randomly, it is better that you organize your postings and divide it into different campaigns. It creates different impacts on your postings. It will not only help you in providing a different flavor of postings to your audience but also will allow you to cover all areas of marketing. Create a calendar or chart of your postings and follow it to make sure your postings are interesting enough for the audience to engage with it.

Short is good

You could not even know how many pages you have liked and how many groups you have joined on Facebook. That is why our news feeds are getting much more saturated with content than it needs to be. In such news feed keeping your posts short is a great way of letting maximum people reading or viewing your post easily. Try to apply the post size of Twitter on the Facebook as many have done and got fruits of it too.

Do not forget CTAs

When you buy 10000 YouTube subscribers you expect these people to react or get engaged with your videos. In the same way, you expect the same things with your Facebook followers. For this, you have to include the CTAs. Through the CTA or call to action, you can tell people what exactly you want them to do. Now it may make the things pretty obvious but yes it is important to make things obvious sometimes. CTAs like buy now, order now, sign up, get this and other are great ways of making your post interesting and getting more outcomes from your posts.