Cigarette/Tobacco Machinery Company in Dubai – Orchid Tobacco


Orchid Tobacco company is owned by a “father and son”. They are leading Tobacco machinery manufacturer with 35 years of experience. Situated in Jebel Ali Dubai with 2 modes of the enterprise.

  • Tobacco Machinery manufacturing
  • Cigarette manufacturing

Tobacco Machinery Supplier:

We are a specialized cigarette machinery manufacturer, with every kind of solution that our clients can face in operating the machinery. We additionally provide free demonstration & schooling to technicians in our factory premises to easily operate the machines for best use.

Our Rage Of Machines Include:

We have a vast range of machines. Our latest range includes the following machines for more best results.

Cigarette Maker: MK-9.5 Tobacco Cigarette Making Machine with 4500 – 5000 Cigarettes Per Minute.

Packing Line: HLP 2 Complete Packing Line with speed 180 Packs/min

Cigarette manufacturing: Our companies for cigarette manufacturing are working in 2 Countries Dubai and Pakistan.

Jebel Ali free zone – Dubai

Karachi free zone – Pakistan

Our company is generating a full range of our personal brands as well as non-public label cigarettes on contract.

We focus on manufacturing, cigarette making machines, packing machinery, tobacco machinery, spares, and related services to the tobacco business around the globe for more 35 years. Orchid Tobacco Company in Dubai consists of a fantastically professional and centered group of people striving to supply precious overall solutions to our customers. We are revolutionary handy and less expensive in our endeavors, in each the national and international fields. Our employees are working hard to work best and produce the best machinery for our clients.

Our goal is to provide our clients with the nice and primary solutions, and providing the best and elegant machinery for cigarette manufacturing and also shipping this on time in a flexible method of shipping. To be the first choice supplier for all our customers and manufacture the most progressive, reliable and cost-effective process equipment we always try our best to produce the best for everyone. And develop the creativity of each man or woman employee and maximize our ability to satisfy all the necessities of a supplier to the tobacco business.

Our Tobacco & Cigarette Machinery Include:

  1. Cigarette Making Machinery:
  • Molins MK-9 Cigarette Maker with Max S
  • MK-8 D Cigarette Maker with Max 5
  • Molins MK-8 Post 64 with Max 3 Multiroll
  1. Our Cigarette Packing Machinery
  • Molins HLP 1 Packing Line (120’s Packer)
  • Nano & Super Slims 100mm HLP 2 Packing Line (160’s Packer)
  • Round Corner HLP 2 Packing Line (180’s Packer)
  • HLP 2 Packing Line (180’s Packer)
  1. Our Cigarette Reclaimer Machinery
  • Filter Rod Makers
  • Molins PM-5
  • Hauni KDF-2
  1. Soft Pack Lines
  • Sasib 5000 (100mm Hard Packer)
  • Sasib 6000 (84mm)
  • Sasib 3000 (84mm & 100mm)
  1. Tobacco Cutters Machinery
  • Tobacco Stem Flatner
  1. Spares, Trays & Trollys
  • Tray Filler for MK-9 & Max S
  • Tray Filler for Mark-8 & Max
  • Plastic Cigarette Loading Tray for 84mm Cigarettes

Orchid Tobacco Company provides best and reliable services for clients. Call us on: +971 50 729 8595 Or visit us at Factory MO 0762 Jebel Ali Free Zone.