Vlad Mustață: Acquiring Moldovan Citizenship by real estate investments – a new international practice


The Republic of Moldova creates new opportunities to attract foreign investors. For this purpose, “the project on acquiring Moldovan citizenship through investment” was recently adopted. Vlad Musteață, CEO of  Promobil, a real estate company that leads the market in Chișinău, says the state initiative is an excellent strategy to attract capital into the country and […]

How to Buy a Foreclosure Property

Real Estate

A buyer may step into the real estate market with a target of buying a foreclosure property. Foreclosure properties are homes whose ownership has been stripped off the loan borrower where the lender seeks to sell the home and recover the outstanding mortgage amount. Potential buyers peruse our listings in the hope of finding foreclosed […]

How To Earn Money As A Writer?


A quick search online for ways to make money online will show you that freelance writing is one of the most suggested ways to make money from the internet. Even though penning down thousands of unique sentences on a daily basis does not seem like an easy task, there are many people who make their […]

Important Tips That Make Technical Test Really a Success


Now every business tries to collect as much information about the candidate related to personal, mental, professional, and technical skills. In all terms, they need the best candidates for their firm to increase the productivity and to decrease the deficiencies. Resumes and normal interviews often fail to provide the best insight of the candidates. It […]



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